Welcome School Counselors!

As a school counselor, we value you as a partner in helping students achieve the next steps in their educational goals. This page is dedicated to providing resources for school counselors working with College Credit Plus and those looking to continue their education at Northwest State after high school. At any point, you are welcome to contact the Office of Admissions with questions.


Upload Transcripts

Northwest State Community College accepts transcripts online through this upload portal. Click below and submit to securely submit transcripts for students that have requested them to be sent to NSCC. This is the preferred method of delivery over emailing them to the Office of Admissions.

To help the Office of Admissions with processing documents, it is helpful when transcripts are uploaded with the following naming convention: “lastname_firstname_school”.


College Credit Plus Information

College Credit Plus at Northwest State Community College serves high school students at over 30 schools districts in Northwest Ohio. We have included a link to our checklist for high school CCP coordinators below to help with the timeline that we follow when onboarding students.

If you have instructors on your campus who wish to become credentialed as a College Credit Plus instructor with Northwest State Community College, there is a helpful resource below. Questions about the onboarding process for new CCP instructors should be directed to Sandra Manon at


Connect with NSCC

The Office of Admissions at NSCC wants to connect with your students. We recognize that it can be difficult to schedule traditional visits with the class schedule, events, delays, and more at the high school level. With this in mind, we have multiple ways to organize a connection with your students. Contact us today if you would be interested in any of the options below.

  • Classroom Visits – An admissions recruiter can schedule a time to come to your school and speak to a class in a specific subject area to address relevant programs offered. We can also come to classrooms and give a general overview of NSCC and the admissions process.
  • Office Hours – An admissions recruiter can come to your school and set aside time to meet with students in an office hour format. All we need is the space and we can take students one at a time to help them with their individual next steps in the NSCC admissions process.
  • NSCC Admissions Information Session – An admissions recruiter can come to your school and do a traditional high school visit where students sign up to come meet with them. The admissions recruiter will do a general overview of NSCC and the admissions process in a formal or informal setting.
  • Virtual Visits – Whether your students are in the building or in a remote learning experience, our admissions recruiters are available to do any of the options above through a virtual modality. Let us know if you would like to set up a classroom Zoom, individual Zoom appointments, a Google meet with your interested group, or any other ways that you have students virtually explore their college opportunities.




April 1st


April 15th


November 1st

School Counselor Day

School Counselor Day is an annual event hosted by the Office of Admissions at NSCC. This year nearly 30 counselors from around the area attended to hear more about NSCC updates, connect with colleagues, gather information, and enjoy lunch with giveaways. Stay tuned for information on School Counselor Day 2023.



Information for Inquiring New Students


Visits are offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 AM and 1 PM. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit two Mondays a month at 5 PM. Register for the NSCC experience Register

NSCC offers over 60 majors and programs to learners. Our goal is to help you on the right path to continue your education or start your career after graduation. In fact, 95% of of our students report they are employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduation.

Learners can apply for admission here. The application can be used for all types of admission.

Absolutely! We have an abundance of learners who start their educational journey with NSCC, achieve an Associate’s degree, and continue on to a 4-year school. We have advisors to help learners on this path to make sure you create a plan, stay on that plan, and complete it.

Yes! The undergraduate admission process is separate from the CCP admission process. To continue on with NSCC after high school, you must submit a new application for admission for that purpose.

Connect with the college/university that is giving you the credit. That institution will need to send an official transcript to NSCC for us to evaluate. Once the evaluation process takes place, we can let you know what credit will transfer in towards a degree or certificate program.

NSCC is an open-access institution. In short, you do not need to meet certain standards to be admitted, but you do have steps to complete before you are ready to register for classes.

We have compiled a list of next steps that you will want to complete before you can register for classes. Check them out below.
Next Steps

Placement scores of some kind are required for all incoming students. This requirement can be met with ACT/SAT scores or by taking the Accuplacer. NSCC offers the Accuplacer on campus in the Office of Admissions. Check out the information and registration form below.
Learn More

The Financial Aid Office is here to help you if you would like to fill out the FAFSA. In addition to many high schools that host financial aid nights, we offer assistance online and on campus. We also have numerous scholarships for incoming students including some full and half tuition scholarships just for the work completed in high school.