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The Computer Aided Manufacturing (19 credit hours) and the Industrial Automation certificate (20 credit hours) are short-term certificate programs for local and in-demand jobs. Learn at your own pace with flexible scheduling, a variety of open lab opportunities, and accelerated, one-credit hour, stackable courses available via a hybrid model. Gain industry-recognized credentials like FANUC, NIMS, and OSHA through your coursework along the way. To start, Apply Now or reach out to one of our SCC contacts here at NSCC.

When and Where

Begin your training at six different points throughout the year and start classes here at NSCC.


Obtain a short-term certificate in CAM or Industrial Automation that can lead to a great, local career - even while you work. These programs include flexible learning that can lead to an in-demand job. Get the knowledge online and practice the skills on-site with 24/7 access to virtual education, labs, and simulations. Balance life's demands and advance your career by choosing one of these flexible learning programs supported by local employers.

Included Certificate Programs


Automation Short-Term Certificate

The Automation Short-Term Certificate program will give students a strong fundamental background in electrical basics and the usage of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to control automated industrial processes.


CAM Short-Term Certificate

The CAM certificate provides students with strong foundation in the reading and creating of blue prints for manufacturing.


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