IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk should be your first point of contact for any information technology questions, concerns or troubleshooting. Additional services offered through the Help Desk include the following.


Phone: 419.267.1461

Office: A223

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Submit a request for support through our online support portal.


Computer Lab

NSCC houses several open-use computer labs. In addition to application specific software, all lab systems have a standard suite of software including the latest version of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, and other common network accessible applications. Computer labs that are designated as “open” areas for general student use include:

Open Lab: large lab located on the second floor of A-building near room A225

E-Building Open Lab: small lab of 8 computers on west side of second floor E-building near room E215

Success Center (A103): see signage on doors for open lab hours

Library (A101): island of computers located in the library commons area and along the wall

Submit a request for support through our online support portal.

Unless otherwise specified, lab systems can be accessed by logging on with the user name “student” and the standard NSCC lab logon password of netpass.



NSCC uses Papercut to manage printing on campus. Students are supplied with 250 copies each semester, with the option to purchase additional prints as needed. For details on how to use the service and how to purchase additional prints, review the student reference guide.

Color printing is available through a number of hallway release stations around campus. To print in color from a lab computer, select the COLOR RELEASE STATION printer. Your document will be held in a queue until you log in with your N# at a release station. You may then print your job. Release stations also offer copier and scan-to-email functions. Print jobs not released at 120 minutes will be deleted and will not charged to PaperCut. The release stations are installed in the following locations:

1st Floor A Building near the Success Center and East Entrance

1st Floor A Building in the Library

2nd Floor A Building near the Open Lab and Arts and Sciences offices

1st Floor C Building across from the Advising Center

1st Floor E Building near CAD Lab (E109)

2nd Floor E Building near Biology Lab

Printer supplies and repair services are offered by the IT Helpdesk and Current Office Solutions of Bryan, OH. If you encounter an issue with a lab printer or hallway release station please contact the IT Helpdesk.



In addition to printing from labs, you can use our Mobility Printing service to print from your own laptop, phone or tablet. It works with any Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device. Your device must be connected to the NSCC wifi network to be able to print.

Get started at and follow the instructions provided on the page.
Print jobs sent from your devices will be sent to one of the 6 color release stations on campus.



WiFi is available throughout campus. To access NSCC’s wireless network, connect to the NSCC network with the password northwest

The technology department reserves the right to deny wireless access for unauthorized use. If you have questions regarding WiFi, contact the Help Desk.



Saving documents directly on lab computers is NOT recommended. The IT Department cannot guarantee the security or integrity of personal documents saved on lab computer hard drives or profiles.

Northwest State recommends that students store data on removable USB flash memory drives. The NSCC Bookstore has flash drives available for purchase.

Lost and found flash drives will be collected in the NSCC Library. If your name is on the flash drive, the library will send you a notification email, otherwise students can check for a lost flash drive at the circulation desk.



All students, faculty and staff are provided a free license of Microsoft Office 365 for installation on personal computers. Please see the attached instructions to obtain your copy of Microsoft Office.

Office 365 Installation Instructions for Students

Office 365 Installation Instructions for Faculty and Staff

Because the software is to be installed on non College-owned devices, the Help Desk cannot provide technical support beyond the instructions above. If you have technical difficulties, please contact Microsoft support.



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