We Value YOUR Experience

Work Experiences & Military Experience

At Northwest State Community College, we recognize learning acquired from experiences outside a formal classroom setting. We offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit through Prior Learning Assessment. Credit can be attained through one or more Prior Learning Assessment pathway: Portfolio Assessment, College Level Examination Program, Departmental Credit by Exam, and Credit by Validation.

For more information email or use our PLA request form.


How Does Your Real Life Experience Apply at Northwest State?

We value your hard work and achievements. Our Credit for Prior Learning Program allows us to discuss your previous experiences and potentially turn those into credit hours. A simple conversation could turn into a huge opportunity for you.


Common Classes Evaluated for Prior Learning:

  • IND 105 Industrial Safety
  • MET 290 Internship or Capstone
  • BAN 110 Bank Management
  • CIS 114 Microsoft Applications
  • IND 100 Precision Measurement
  • ENG 113 Speech
  • This is not a complete list, talk to your advisor or contact Renee Bostelman at or 419.267.1280 for more information


    How Does it Work?

    Your advisor will help you identify classes that compare to your life experiences. We will work with you to document your experience, schedule a test, or to validate your prior training. Your experience will be evaluated by experts, faculty and Deans. If approved, the credit is applied to your college transcripts

    Get Started

    Start a conversation with your advisor or contact Renee Bostelman at or 419.267.1280. Discuss your experiences, certifications, or non-credit classes

    The Academic Pathways Coordinator will work with you to document your experiences, schedule a hands on demonstration, or explore testing options

    Your experience is valuable! Let us help you navigate the process to apply, most courses for as little as $45.


    Renee Bostelman
    Academic Pathways Coordinator