College Credit Plus at NSCC

College Credit Plus (CCP) is a dual enrollment program for learners in grades 7-12. CCP allows learners to complete college courses while also completing requirements for high school graduation. CCP provides a jumpstart to college education with academically engaging and challenging experiences at little to no cost for the learners enrolled. Explore the reasons to participate in the CCP program below!

It’s Easy to Transfer Credits and Continue at NSCC!

NSCC’s Bachelor’s Bound opportunity provides support to students who are looking to earn a 4-year degree to accomplish their career goals. By starting with CCP and taking courses that will count towards our degree and certificate programs, learners can gear up for the workforce or furthering their education at a 4-year institution. By starting and completing a degree at NSCC, learners see the return on investment of a value-centered approach to education.

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Transfer Credits

Explore how to transfer your NSCC CCP credits to another institution here.


College Credit Plus Timeline

This timeline will give you a basic overview of the College Credit Plus program here at Northwest State Community College. View the more in-depth checklist below for non-public and homeschool or public school.




Intent to Participate

Submit an Intent to Participate to your High School Guidance Counselor. This form will be given to you by your school. Nonpublic and homeschool students must create/login to their OH/ID accounts to apply for College Credit Plus Funding through the Ohio Department of Education. The Intent to Participate form will be completed within this step. See Timelines above for more details.

Apply for Admission

Complete an Online College Application for Admission You will need to have your school counselor send a copy of your high school transcript to NSCC. Please note: Your application is not complete until your high school transcript is on file.


When your application has been processed, the NSCC Admissions Office will email you a student ID, or N number. You will use this to sign up to take the ACCUPLACER Assessment at NSCC. The ACT or ACCUPLACER Assessment will determine your academic readiness for college-level coursework. (If you have already qualifying scores, please move to the next step!)


To become familiar with the college services and expectations, all College Credit Plus students are required to complete an online College Credit Plus Advising and Orientation Workshop prior to registering for classes. Information on the orientation will be sent to the student after all qualification requirements are met.


Students who are within their first 15 credit hours must choose courses from the Level 1 Course Listing. When you have determined your semester course schedule, meet with your school counselor to ensure that your selections will fulfill your high school graduation requirements. At that time, you can complete the NSCC Registration Form to be signed by your school counselor and submitted to NSCC.

Meet With Your Advisor

If you have any questions regarding the CCP program or course options, contact the NSCC Admissions Office at 419-267-1320 to schedule an appointment with your College Credit Plus Advisor.

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College Credit Plus at NSCC

Personalized Attention

Every learner is assigned a personal CCP Advisor who assists with the process of getting started, navigating college courses, and answering any questions along the way. In addition, NSCC’s small class sizes and 15:1 learner to faculty ratio support learners where it matters most: in the classroom. All instructors offer office hours to allow for additional one-on-one time if needed.
Reach out to your CCP Advisor if you have questions.


Career Exploration

NSCC offers numerous introductory courses that allow learners to explore career options and help them narrow down an area of interest to pursue beyond high school. By following one of the designed pathways, learners can take classes that are transferrable, applicable, and manageable. NSCC instructors have real world experiences in the field that they teach that, in turn, translate to students for a better understand of what to expect in their future career.
Check out the pre-designed CCP Pathways for learners below.


Information You Need to Know

The College Difference

College can be different from High School in a variety of ways. Explore the differences so that you can be prepared to take college classes.

Option A

Enroll in courses at NSCC with the intent of receiving college credit only. In this option, the learner is responsible for the cost of tuition, fees, and books.

Option B

Enroll in courses at NSCC with the intent of receiving high school and college credit. In this option, the tuition, fees, and books are paid for through state funding and your school district. Additionally, learners would be responsible for costs beyond that of the approved maximum number of semester hours allowed by legislation per academic year.


Getting Started

When learners start in the CCP program, they are required to complete their first 15 credit hours from the approved list of Level One Courses. Check out these courses and how you can get started with them and on a pathway below.



Mature Content Statement

The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the College Credit Plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon College Credit Plus enrollee participation regardless of where the course instruction occurs.


Academic Integrity

Students and faculty are expected to engage in their academic work with integrity and respect for others. Students are expected to submit academic work that reflects their own original thought and is their own. Any misrepresentation in academic work, including plagiarism, is a form of academic dishonesty.



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