College Credit Plus at NSCC

Unique opportunity for highly motivated students in grades 7-12 to get a jump start on their future! Students enrolled in this program are able to earn college and high school credit at the same time! College Credit Plus not only gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, it also gives them a jump start on completing their college degree.

Benefits of College Credit Plus

Transferable Credits

Classes are transferable. After graduation, students can choose to earn their associate degree from NSCC, or transfer on to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Best Deal

There is no cost to the student for the course or instructional materials. If students attend home school or a non-public school, funding applications are available to help reduce costs.

College Credit Plus Timeline

This timeline will give you a basic overview of the College Credit Plus program here at Northwest State Community College. View the more in-depth checklist below for non-public and homeschool or public school.




Intent to Participate

Submit an Intent to Participate to your High School Guidance Counselor. (Nonpublic and home school students must login to their SAFE accounts to apply for College Credit Plus Funding through OHDE.)

Apply for Admission

Complete a College Application for Admission and then submit a signed CCP Consent Form to your high school counselor. Your school counselor will then submit it to NSCC with a copy of your high school transcript. (Please note: Your application is not complete until your CCP Consent Form is on file.)


When your application has been processed, the NSCC Admissions Office will mail you a student ID, or N number. You will use this to sign up to take the ACCUPLACER Assessment at NSCC. The ACT or ACCUPLACER Assessment will determine your academic readiness for college-level coursework. (If you have already done this, just skip this step!)


To become acclimated with college services and expectations, all College Credit Plus students are required to complete a College Credit Plus Advising and Orientation Workshop prior to registering for classes. Information on the orientation will be sent to the student after all qualification requirements are met.


Students who are within their first 15 credit hours must choose courses from the level 1 listing. When you have determined your semester course schedule, meet with your school counselor to ensure that your selections will fulfill your high school graduation requirements. At that time, you can complete the NSCC Registration Form to be signed by your school counselor and submitted to NSCC.

Meet With Your Advisor

If you have any questions regarding the CCP program or course options, contact the NSCC Admissions Office at 419-267-1320 to schedule an appointment.

Eligibility Checklist

This checklist shows the new state eligibility requirements for the CCP Program. Please contact the NSCC Admissions Office with any qualification questions.

CCP High School Coordinator

If you are a school counselor, or are the point person for coordinating CCP with your students, this checklist will give you various deadlines, as well as who to contact at NSCC when questions arise.

CCP Instructor

Whether you are currently teaching a CCP class at your high school, or you are interested in becoming a CCP instructor, this checklist gives you all the information you need to get started at NSCC.

CCP Course Intent Form

Every semester, high schools have the opportunity to offer CCP classes on their own campuses. This form allows NSCC to verify the instructor’s credentials and get the course on the schedule for your students. Be conscious of deadlines for this form: June 15 for fall term and November 15 for spring term.