Learning From Home!

Northwest State Community College’s distance learning program allows students to take quality, affordable online classes from anywhere with an internet connection. Currently, NSCC offers one full degree program online, the associate of business management. A wide variety of individual classes are also available online. The class offerings vary by semester and demand.

States throughout the US have regulations and requirements for offering distance learning across state lines. Prospective students from outside the state of Ohio are encouraged to see if NSCC’s distance learning classes are available in their state before enrolling in any program. Please contact the Vice President for Academics & Student Services.

Instructional Design and Distance Learning Coordinator

Christina Schwiebert

Student Complaint Resolution

NSCC is committed to providing quality educational experiences to our students. Should a problem or concern arise, students are encouraged to resolve the issue through the proper channels or authority. Resolution of a problem, whether academic or administrative, including challenging a grade, may be resolved at any level of the institution’s due process and grievance procedure (see the current academic catalog).


If you feel your grievance has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may refer your complaint to the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The ODHE complaint website offers information on how to file an Ohio complaint, what falls under the chancellor’s jurisdiction and more.