Students Transferring to NSCC

The purpose of waitlisting is to allow students to get in a queue for available seats once a class becomes full. It is also intended to help the faculty and administration determine when extra class sections should be added based on demand. Waitlisting may provide many advantages to students, instructors, and administrators. The biggest advantage to students is that they will be notified when a seat becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis. Disclaimer: This does not mean that ALL classes will use waitlisting. Some departments (for a variety of reasons) will not have courses with a waitlist option. Read through the frequently asked questions below. We hope this information makes your transition into waitlisting a smooth process.
To register for waitlisting:

  • Log into myNSCC
  • Select the Student Services tab
  • Select the Add/Drop link
  • Select the term
  • Enter the 4-digit course reference number (CRN) in the worksheet cell
  • Click the drop-down arrow and select Waitlist then press Submit

  • To be removed from the waitlist:

  • Select Web Drop
  • Press the Submit Button

If you DECLINE the offered seat, and no longer want the course, please be considerate and remove yourself from the waitlist. This allows other waitlisted students to receive notification of available seats in a more timely fashion. For questions, visit the registrar’s office or contact: Connie Klingshirn, Registrar - registrar@northweststate.edu 419.267.1395 or 419.267.1315


Waitlisting FAQ's

How does waitlisting work?

Students who attempt to register for a class that is full may put themselves on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. When an open seat becomes available, an e-mail will be sent to the NSCC e-mail address of the student at the top of the waiting list. The student will have 24 hours to go online and add the class. The open seat will be reserved for that student and no other student may register for that seat during that 24-hour time period. If the student does not respond, then next student on the list will be notified and have 24 hours to respond.


How do I sign up for a waiting list?

All registration for waiting lists must be done online. In the Add/Drop section enter the CRN in the “Worksheet” section and press Submit Changes. When a student receives a Registration Add Error stating ‘Closed – Waitlist Available,’ they may select ‘WAITLIST” from the drop down menu under Action. Please refer to the Waitlist Tutorial For Students on the main Waitlist page.


Prerequisite for Waitlisting

Students must meet all of the course prerequisites and requirements in order to sign up for a waiting list.


May students still be registered for a waitlisted course if they have failed the in-progress pre-requisite the prior term?

Once a student has signed up on a registration waitlist, they are not dropped from it unless they drop themselves. However, if they are notified that a seat is available in a section for which they have failed their in-progress prerequisite, they will receive a Prerequisite Not Met registration error and will not be able to register for the section.


Is there a way for me to see how close I am to the top of a waiting list?

Yes, by clinking link “View Student Course Schedule” in the Student Services tab in myNSCC. If your waitlist position is number 1 (one), it means that you are next in line to receive an e-mail when an open seat becomes available. If you are in the number 1 position when a seat becomes available, you will move into the number 0 (zero) position and an e-mail will be sent to your NSCC e-mail address.


When a seat is available, is the next student on the list automatically registered for the class?

Students are not automatically registered for a class. They are notified via their myNSCC email account that a seat is available in a specific section. Students are given 24 hours from the time of notification to register for the class.


What happens if I don’t register for a course within 24 hours after receiving an e-mail notification?

If you do not register within 24 hours from the time the e-mail was sent, you will automatically be dropped from the waiting list. The next student on the waiting list will move to the top of the list. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you check your NSCC e-mail at least twice a day, especially if you know that you are close to the top of a waiting list.


What if I dropped the course by accident?

If a student drops a course which has an active waitlist (OOPS!), you cannot re-enroll. You must waitlist for the course again.


May I get on the waiting list for more than one section of the same course?

No, you may only waitlist for one section of a course.


May I get on the waiting list for a class that has a time conflict with another course?

No, you cannot waitlist a course that has a time conflict with other waitlisted courses. Nor can the waitlisted course conflict in time with a registered course.


May a student sign up for a waitlist if they have a registration hold?

No, a registration hold will prevent the student from both registering for a class, as well as signing up for a waitlist. If a registration hold is put on a student after they have signed up on a waitlist, they will still receive a notification when a space becomes available but they will not be able to register for the course.


How does waitlisting work with the fee payment deadlines and purges?

If you have an outstanding balance at any of the fee payment deadlines, you may be dropped from one or more of your classes. If you are dropped from any classes, you will also be dropped from any waiting lists. As long as your account balance is paid in full, you will not be dropped from any classes or waiting lists. After a fee payment deadline and registration purge, you may move up in your position on a waiting list to replace a student who was purged. When registration reopens, students at the top of a waiting list will be the first to be notified and have the opportunity to register for any seats that may have opened as a result of the purge.


At what point does a waiting list go away?

All waiting lists will be discontinued at 11.59 p.m. the evening before the first day of the semester. For second eight week courses, waiting lists will be discontinued at 11:59 p.m. the evening before the first day of the second eight weeks.


Important Things to Remember

  • As a common courtesy to other students, it is expected that you will drop yourself from any classes or waiting lists that you do not intend to take.
  • It is VITAL to make sure that you do not have registration holds on your records. Registration holds will prevent you from registering for classes as well as placing yourself on a waitlist.
  • When schedules are purged due to non-payment, your registration for all classes including those in a waitlist status will be deleted.
  • The same registration restrictions will be enforced for class registration and waitlisting.
  • You will receive ONLY 1 email notification of an available seat in a class. You MUST be sure to check your NSCC email address on a regular basis, or you will miss the chance to get a seat from the waitlist. If you miss your chance, you can place yourself on the waitlist again, but your priority will be at the bottom… you’ll be last in line.