What Steps do I Need to Take?

Northwest State student’s wishing to complete their associate degree can choose to transfer their credits to a four-year college or university and continue their studies towards a bachelor’s degree. If that is your goal, follow the steps below to ensure that all of your credits will transfer.

  • Choose your major and decide on the school you plan on transferring to as soon as possible.
  • Contact the admissions office at your transfer school and request the requirements for the degree you wish to pursue. Be aware that degree requirements vary from university to university. Degree requirements may also vary within the specific colleges of a university. (For example: The College of Arts & Sciences may have different requirements than the College of Business Administration.)

Options for successful transfer of NSCC credits to a four-year school:

  • Earn an associate degree while completing general education requirements that are covered during the first two years at most institutions.
  • Follow the Transfer Module and TAG pathways for guaranteed transfer of the courses you take to any public institution in the state.