Below are links to free or inexpensive tools and programs that you and your students may use. More may be added in the future. If you know of a program, site, or tool that is not on this list, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center to share it.

Media Players


  • Teachertube: similar to YouTube, TeacherTube focuses on educational content and class projects
  • Films on Demand: This is a collection of videos, documentaries, and other films. This is a subscription-based service available through the NSCC Library. If you do not have the login credentials, the library can assist you.
  • TED Talks and TED-Ed: videos and lessons about a wide variety of topics from experts in the field
  • Ignite: This is a collection of recordings from Ignite events around the world. Videos are just 5 minutes long, using only20 slides. Presenters get to share their passion and inspire others.
  • Pecha Kucha: similar to Ignite, users share 20 slides for 20 seconds
  • Khan Academy: free online videos and lessons covering a range of subjects including math and science


Audio Clips

  • Free Sound: collection of free-to-use audio clips and music


  • StudyBlue: online and mobile flash card generator
  • Doodle: Doodle helps set up meetings by letting all participants mark which dates or times would work best for them
  • Trello: a collaborative project management system consisting of boards and cards
  • Poll Everywhere: This allows you to create simple polls that students can answer online or by text message. Free accounts are limited to 40 responses per poll.
  • Learning Express Library: This is a free resource provided by OhioLINK and OH-TECH. There are various “centers” that have information particularly helpful to college students, including adult learning, college prep, college and computer skills. Students can take practice tests and brush up on basic skills at their own pace.

Flowcharts & Diagrams

  • Tom’s Planner: create a free, online Gantt chart for project management
  • LucidChat: a collaborative diagramming program
  • Gliffy: a web-based diagramming program
  • Popplet: Popplet is a mind-map and brainstorming app, available online and for iOS


  • JeopardyLabs: This program allows you to create custom Jeopardy games, without PowerPoint. Unless you pay a one-time membership fee, all templates become publicly available.
  • QuizBreak: another Jeopardy game creator, QuizBreak allows you to include audio or video in your prompt.
  • 50 Great Sites for Serious Educational Games: a list of educational games, spanning all grade ranges.

PDF Creation/Editing

  • CutePDF: a PDF printer that will allow you to create PDF files from virtually any program
  • PDF Buddy: this doesn’t allow you to edit existing text, but whiteout, highlight and add new text and shapes

Word Clouds

  • Wordle: create word clouds from text you enter or an RSS feed
  • Tagxedo: create word clouds from text, a URL, Twitter, news articles and more
  • WordItOut: another word cloud generator similar to Wordle


  • Prezi: a web-based presentation program that allows you to move non-linearly through information
  • Bridgit: a desktop sharing program that allows you to use your webcam, microphone, and SMARTBoard to connect with participants
  • Glogster and GlogsterEDU: create and share interactive posters that include images, video, audio and links


  • Dipity: find, create and share interactive timelines that can include video, audio, images, text, links and more
  • Timetoast: Timetoast allows you to add images, links and text to events
  • Tiki Toki: another multimedia-based, interactive timeline creator
  • Capzles: create a personal timeline with image, videos, audio or documents

Video Conferencing/Chat

  • Google Hangouts: send instant messages or have a video or audio chat with any Google user
  • Skype:  make free voice and video calls
  • have a virtual meeting and share your screen with participants
  • Scopia Desktop: Scopia is the web portal for NSCC’s video conferencing system. Contact the Technology Help Desk if you would like to set up an account.

Image Creation/Editing

  • Color Schemer: a color scheme generator that suggests compatible colors when you provide one or select from a palette
  • Pixlr: a photo editor that includes the option to add multiple effects, includes a browser-based photo editor, a mobile app and a full desktop application
  • Picasa: a photo editor that links with Google+
  • Make Your Own Comic Strip: a comic generator that allows you to add characters, dialog balloons and effects

Narrated Lecture/Lecture Capture

  • Camtasia Studio: This is a program that allows you to record your computer screen, camera and microphone and add effects to create videos and more. Camtasia Studio is not free, however the NSCC Library has laptops with Camtasia Studio available for faculty to check out, and the Technology Department can install it on office computers if needed.
  • Screencast-o-Matic:  Another free web-based screen recorder. Free videos are limited to 15 minutes and include a watermark.
  • Jing: the little brother to Camtasia Studio, this is a free program to create and share screenshots and short videos

Video Creation/Editing

  • Handbreak:  Handbrake can convert to nearly any video format and has presets available for the most common video formats
  • Animoto: This is a web-based tool for creating videos from photos by setting them to music. Free accounts are limited, but you can upgrade to create longer videos or access more options.
  • Plotagon: a simple program for Mac, PC and iPad that lets you create animated videos simply by typing a script
  • Microsoft Movie Maker: a part of Windows Essentials, Movie Maker allows users to combine videos, photos and music into a sharable movie

Audio Creation/Editing

  • Audacity: a robust program for recording and editing audio. Requires the LAME MP3 encoded to export mp3 files
  • Record MP3 Online: a simple tool for recording audio from your computer or mobile device