Three-Year Agreement Reached With Professional Association

Northwest State Community College and the professional association have officially reached athree-year agreement. The new agreement has been ratified by a vote from the professional staff and by the NSCC Board of Trustees. NSCC President Dr. Thomas Stuckey notified all College employees this morning with confirmation, and noted that it was “very uplifting to see how both teams worked together.” Stuckey continued, “When good things like this happen, it inspires us all to keep working hard every day to provide the best education and training possible to our students, opening doors to career opportunities with great companies throughout the area.”

The NSCC administration team and the professional association team both noted that the negotiation process was smooth, and that the result was fair and equitable for both sides. Colin Doolittle, NSCC engineering technologies faculty and professional association representative, indicated that the new contract “allows both sides to do what’s best for the College,” while also stating that it “provides stability, allowing both the association and the College to plan for their collective long-term future.”

Paul Siebenmorgen, chairperson, and the entire NSCC Board of Trustees are among those who appreciated the collaborative efforts. “The Board (of Trustees) was elated that it came together so quickly,” he said, continuing “We’re all in this together, and this agreement will help Northwest State continue to provide the best education for students.”

The agreement provides on average a 2.5% annual wage increase over each of the next three years to NSCC faculty. Katy McKelvey, director of human resources and leadership development at Northwest State recognized the compromises both sides made to achieve the common goal. “We negotiated a contract that is good for the students, for the professional unit, and for the College,” she said. McKelvey concluded that she is “very proud of the work the negotiating teams did” in reaching an agreement. Doolittle echoed those sentiments, stating the agreement “allows the College as a whole to continue to put the focus where it needs to be – on our students.”