What if I don't make a selection?

Although you might not be expecting a student refund now, you may receive money back in the future because you drop a class, make an over payment or receive assistance that you didn’t expect. Making a selection now will ensure you will receive any future refunds without delay.


How do I select the way I want to receive my refund?

All student refunds at NSCC are processed through BankMobile. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:



I selected my refund preference, but I never received my refund. Why?

All students are invited to select their refund preference, but not all students receive a refund every semester. First, check to make sure you are due a refund by checking your account details in myNSCC. If your myNSCC account shows that you are due a refund and you have not received it, contact BankMobile support.



What is the difference between disbursement date and refund date?

The disbursement date you receive from the Department of Education is the date the funds are disbursed to the school. The school will verify and apply the funds to your student account. This process takes up to 7 business days. After this is completed, any excess funds on your student account are then processed to be refunded on the posted refund date.


Why did I not receive all of my financial aid money?

Financial aid pays based upon the number of credit hours a student is attending. If you are registered for a course that has not started yet, not all of your financial aid will pay until after you have started attending these classes. Secondly, if you take out a loan for one semester only (for example, spring only), federal regulations require that the loan be split into two separate disbursements.


Where can I find information on the College's contract with the third party service provider?

View our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank.