Welcome New Students!

We invite you to join us on Wednesday August 18th for our annual new student picnic! From connecting to the campus community to exciting raffle prizes including scholarships and a new laptop, the picnic is the best way to kick off the new school year! You will be able to connect with offices from across campus to do everything from learning about getting involved to paying your bill. There will be opportunities to explore campus to find your classes, get a student ID, pick up your books, and more.

From 5-7 PM on the 18th, the Northwest State Community welcomes you to the Atrium on campus for fun, food, and festivities as we reintroduce our campus to you. Whether you have questions or just want to join for the fun, we are excited to see you there!

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Take a tour of Campus
  • Print your schedule or speak to an advisor
  • Answer any last minute Financial Aid Questions
  • Learn how to connect to NSCC’s campus through our TRIO Program, speaking to members of student groups, and learning about student employment.
  • Pick up your textbooks from the Bookstore
  • Learn about our available resources including tutoring options, library services, and career services.
  • Pay your bill
  • Receive your Student ID
  • Meet your faculty

There will be games, music, and many NSCC giveaways! You can also enter to win a chance in the money machine!