NSCC Board Approves Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Create and maintain an environment encouraging excellence and success in all aspects of the student experience.

  • Provide accessible and effective advising to students
  • Enhance student learning and effective teaching
  • Provide and promote exemplary programs
  • Provide service that appreciates educational needs leading to student success and customer satisfaction

Goal 2: Generate and invest in transformational partnerships and educational opportunities for institutional growth.

  • Build relationships with business, government, academics and community organizations through shared vision, goals, and stewardship
  • Produce qualified candidates to meet area workforce needs/li>
  • Be the source of professional development and continuing education for our region

Goal 3: Develop, cultivate and sustain a culture of empowerment based on mutual respect and civility.

  • Implement a plan to build equality and transparency, promoting the dignity and worth of all individuals
  • Design and offer employee development (i.e. cross training, employee interaction)
  • Build an expectation that all employees participate in one or more professional development experiences every year

Goal 4: Improve institutional effectiveness.

  • Base budget and decision making on critical analysis and sufficient research including feedback from all stakeholders
  • Examine our internal processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness (LEAN)
  • Utilize our governance system effectively

2020 Strategic Plan

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