NSCC Board Approves Strategic Plan


Goal 1:

Life Changing Education

Create and maintain high quality, transformative, and safe educational environments that meet the needs of our current and future learners.

  • Ensuring high quality learning experiences by creating opportunity and inspiring faculty to optimize the learner experience in the classroom and beyond the classroom.
  • Ensuring transformative educational experiences by increasing both the opportunities and the rate of credential attainment, and reducing the average time that learners take to attain their credential.
  • In response to pandemic efforts, plan and deploy digital strategies for rapid response to public health demands and student needs.


Goal 2:

Learning for All

Promote collaborative partnerships that serve our learners and provide an equitable opportunity to succeed.

  • Align efforts across NSCC EMT and Success & Completion Committees and identify new recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Identify segmented enrollment streams and set strategic enrollment goals.
  • Employ Graduation Pathways to Success (GPS) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and assess enrollment progress of segmented enrollment streams.
  • Deploy specific tactical teams to implement Enrollment Management strategies that reflect evidence-based best practices centered on access and equity.
  • Develop three specific agreements / grants partnerships with civic, not-for-profit, and governmental partners to directly address Learners’ barriers to success such as childcare/eldercare insecurity, financial insecurity, food insecurity, healthcare insecurity, and transportation insecurity.


Goal 3:

Organizational Excellence

Improve NSCC’s institutional effectiveness to create a sustainable, stakeholder-focused and high-performing organization.

  • Provide support to the teams working on the five other goals
  • Submit NSCC’s decennial self-study (December, 2020) and successfully host an HLC site visit (February 2021).
  • Identify three – five processes that can move to remote operations permanently.
  • Identify and redesign three – five policies towards “learner-friendly.”


Goal 4:

Empowered Team

Cultivate and sustain a positive culture that empowers team members to fulfill our mission.

  • Create and deploy college events that reinforce and improve the current positive culture.
  • In response to pandemic efforts, develop digital tools to connect team members.
  • Encourage team care and self-care part of the regular team regiment.
  • Successfully complete faculty negotiations for a renewed labor agreement.
  • . Emphasize the role of professional development with Cabinet member individualized plans and a second year of the President’s Leadership Team curriculum.


Goal 5:

Engaged Community

Create intentional communications and interactions between the College and its stakeholders to strengthen our community relationships

  • NSCC Marketing Theme: “Your community’s college” Increase our overall marketing footprint in the service area.
  • Foster, facilitate and manage community involvement within each county. Strengthen alumni participation and scholarship giving.
  • Develop specific campaigns to support the College’s enrollment management and partnership plans.


2020 Strategic Plan

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