Northwest State Strategic Plan

Northwest State Community College Strategic Plan 2023-2026


Pillar One

Life-Changing Education

Expand high-value transformative education, training, and services that anticipate the needs of learners and community stakeholders.

  1. Improve learner outcomes by establishing a Professional Development and Learning Center.
  2. Develop and scale learner-centered class and program offerings by expanding access in time, place, duration, and delivery.
  3. Demonstrate the value of education, training, and services delivered by NSCC.
  4. Increase the number of learners that obtain a degree, certificate, or industry recognized credentials.


Pillar Two

Learning For All

Provide equitable and inclusive access to education, training, and services to increase enrollment, retention, and completion.

  1. Identify and address barriers that impede learner access and success.
  2. Design learner-centered and holistic supports for enhanced retention and program completion.
  3. Provide learning experiences that embrace diversity and inclusivity to foster a sense of belonging.
  4. Encourage and support learner engagement in campus life.


Pillar Three

Organizational Excellence

Increase institutional resources and advance operational efficiencies through data-informed decisions and continuous improvement.

  1. Seek and expand revenue sources for the advancement of education, training, and services.
  2. Improve and encourage participation in the governance process.
  3. Establish an institutional research structure to support assessment, accreditation, and effectiveness.
  4. Align budget and resource allocation process with College’s priorities.


Pillar Four

First-Choice Employer

Provide a work environment that attracts and retains highly motivated employees, fostering collaboration, a sense of belonging, and purpose.

  1. Provide competitive wages, benefits, and flexible work schedules.
  2. Facilitate a work environment where employees experience a positive work/life balance.
  3. Provide professional development opportunities and resources that encourage career growth and empower employees to succeed.
  4. Enhance the employee experience by creating a sense of belonging, employee engagement, and respect for all individuals.


Pillar Five

Engaged Community

Strengthen and increase community partnerships through enhanced employer, learner, and community relationships.

  1. Present NSCC as a convener for community collaborations.
  2. Empower and encourage staff, faculty, and learners to participate in outreach as ambassadors.
  3. Optimize employer and community relationships to advance socioeconomic growth.