Thank you for your interest in the Northwest State Community College Speakers Bureau. NSCC has interesting, knowledgeable speakers available for your next event or meeting. Several topics are listed below, and many more presentations are available. To request a speaker for your group, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Speakers are offered free of charge as a service to local communities and organizations.

If you are in need of in-depth training, a workshop or a program that provides continuing education units, please contact us.

Current Topics:


Learn about the achievements of NSCC alumni, how the Alumni Association is active in local communities and how to get involved.


Career Planning

Interests and opportunities change, and it can be tough to know which path to choose. Learn about matching a career with your work values, occupational information, job search techniques and more.


College Planning

So you’ve decided to go to college. Now what? Hear about the steps needed to enter college, from the application process to registering for classes. A brief overview of financial aid and scholarship opportunities is included as well. This presentation can be tailored for the age group in attendance.


Facing Health Issues

Declining health and serious illness can be stressful for the individual, as well as those who are caregivers. This presentation explores the mental and emotional toll that illness can take on the person who is sick, along with ways that caregivers can support their loved ones. Learn about the different community resources that are available and relaxation techniques that can be used by caregivers and patients alike.



The Northwest State Community College Foundation changes lives by providing scholarships for students, as well as equipment and furnishings for the College. Find out more about the Foundation’s current projects, fundraising efforts, Making a Difference Awards and the Foundation’s impact on local communities.


Historical Events

Whether your group is marking the anniversary of an important historical event or just interested in knowing more about it, guests will be fascinated by an in-depth presentation.



Have you ever considered starting your own business? Learn about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, from accounting and marketing to management. Find out more about the resources available for those who are starting their own business and whether it might be the right path for you.