At Northwest State we encourage all students to have an educational plan, a tool that can help you identify your goals, summarize your strengths and weaknesses, and link to campus support systems including your academic advisor.

College students often start down an academic pathway only to find that succeeding means a lot more than just getting a good grade on a test. Today’s students meet challenges in balancing work and family life along with classroom obligations. When a car breaks down or a parent becomes ill, worry, stress and academic workloads sometimes seem overwhelming. Research shows that having a good plan and a goal is a key to overcoming obstacles that may appear in your path.

Whether you are sure of your academic major or completely undecided on your area of study, educational planning may be able to assist you as a student at NSCC. Check the campus calendar for workshops, activities and resources.

Click here for more information on starting your educational plan. To set up an appointment to begin your educational plan, please contact NSCC Student Services at 419.267.1242 or