Program Overview

A Manufacturing Quality Certificate prepares the student for a career as a quality specialist (supplier quality engineer, green belt, mechanical inspector, quality technician, auditor and similar roles.)


Twenty-first century manufacturing operations link productivity to quality. Lean manufacturing quality concepts are essential to modern competitiveness.


Accordingly, persons seeking greater responsibility should consider the quality curriculum. This program of study prepares the student to sit for the American Society for Quality Technician exam. ASQ certifications are widely recognized and favorably impact hiring and compensation decisions.


Career Outlook

The greatest demand for engineering technicians will be in manufacturing. Companies need improved machinery, up-to-date processes, and lean manufacturing methods to compete on a global basis. Quality skills apply during all phases of the product cycle - from concept to production to distribution and service.


ISO/TS/OHSA certifications are becoming a common prerequisite for doing business worldwide. This course of study imparts the skills needed to comply with many certification system requirements. Skills learned in this course form a solid foundation on which to build if your goal is to become a Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Engineer, or Quality Auditor.


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Administrative Assistant

Kaleigh Nofziger