2017 Poetry Contest Winners

The Arts and Sciences Division is pleased to announce the final results of NSCC’s third annual poetry contest in celebration of National Poetry Month:

First Place ($100): “Then It Rained” by Andrea Avers
Second Place ($75): “Anxietatum” by Tegan Hurd
Third Place ($50): “The Rain” by Andrew Watkins

With so many well-crafted and original poems to choose from, the judges carried on the tradition of personally selecting an honorable mention for an individual poem of unique merit. These recipients will be awarded gift cards and/or books:

“Change Whispers” by Sheila Worthington (selected by Sherry Howard)
“Kids These Days” by Harmony Bell (selected by Allen Berres)
“An Ode to the Woman that Stole the Last Electric Scooter at Walmart” by Chloe Kuhlman (selected by Amy Drees)
“Presently Here” by Adam Smith (selected by Melanie Dusseau)
“Elegy for Golden Locks,” by Brock Beckett, to receive a newly created honorable mention for political satire and humor, informally known as “The Snark Award” (judges’ consensus).