Poetry Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the prize winners and those recognized for honorable mention!

First place prize: “Anew Epiphany” by Sterling Wisniewski
Second place prize: “Faith” by Sheila Worthington
Third place prize: Take the Sound of Laughter” by Emily Justice

Additionally, the judges have selected four judges’ pick honorable mentions:

Allen Berres selected “Grown Up Love” by Rebecca Grieser
Amy Drees selected “Left Standing Alone” by Marcy Hernandez
Melanie Dusseau selected “A wRiter’s Technique” by Teena Pinckney
Sherry Howard selected “Tree in the Mist” by Joshua Hathaway

Please join us for festivities to celebrate National Poetry Month, and to hear the award winning poems, beginning at 11:45 in Room C200 on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The student theater group, Spotlight, will kick off the reading, followed by the awarding of prizes and reading of the winners, a talk and reading from guest writer Dave Essinger, and an open mic event for the entire campus community. Get up and read a poem, an original or a favorite, or just sit back on your lunch break and celebrate the power of the poetry all around us.