Online Learning Assessment

Students are required to access the Online Learning Readiness site through Sakai and complete the assessment. Follow the instructions below.

To Access the Online Learning Readiness Course

  • Open a web page to Sakai or use the link on the academics tab of myNSCC.
  • Log in to Sakai using your student email address and password. This is the same information that you use to log in to myNSCC.
  • Click on Membership in the left navigation pane.
  • Click on the Joinable Sites tab.
  • Locate “OLR Assessment” and click on join.
  • Click on the checkerboard and locate the OLR Assessment under the Projects heading.
  • Click on the OLR Assessment link. This will take you to the OLR Site.
  • Follow the instructions on the overview page to view the content and complete the assessment.



Why is this Online Learning Readiness Assessment required?

This Online Learning Readiness (OLR) Assessment is meant to help you determine if you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an online class. Online classes require strong computer competency, self-motivation, time management and organizational skills. This requirement was added to all online classes to help ensure that students know what is really involved in an online class.


I’ve taken an online class before. Do I still have to go through the Online Learning Readiness?

Students who have passed an online class in Sakai with a C or higher do not have to take the OLR Assessment. If you received a D or an F in your online class, you will still need to complete the OLR Assessment. This will help you determine if it was the content of the class that was difficult for you, or the requirements of the online format. If you took an online class using the old WebCT platform, you will need to complete the Online Learning Readiness.


I took an online class at another school. Do I still have to go through the Online Learning Readiness?

Yes, but you may not need to review all of the content sections before taking the assessment. Please review the “Sakai Overview” and “In an Online Class” sections. These sections contain information that is specific to NSCC. If you are confident in your ability to handle an online class, you would not necessarily need to review the other sections, although you may if you choose.


I took the test, now what?

Once you complete the test, you can view your score on the tests & quizzes page, or the gradebook page within the OLR Assessment site. To pass the test, you need at least a 75% (184 points).


I failed the test, now what?

You should review the various content sections. If you feel like you are able to handle an online class, take the assessment again. You have unlimited attempts. If you feel like you may struggle with computer skills, time management, motivation, or other skills, you may want to take other classes on campus before trying an online class.


I passed the test, now what?

Test scores are uploaded to myNSCC every other hour, so you will be able to register for an online class within two hours of completing the test. If you try to register after that time and still receive the pre-requisite error message, please contact the Distance Learning Office at 419.267.1428 or


Do I have to complete this for every online class I want to take?

No. You only need to complete the OLR Assessment once. You will be able to register for future online classes without needing to go through this again.


I am not planning on taking an online class right now, can I still go in and review the information?

Absolutely! Anyone may access this course and review the information available here, even if you are not planning on taking an online class right away. Some of the information in “Sakai Overview” may be useful if you are taking a web-enhanced or hybrid class. The information in “Life Factors” may also be of value to you in any college class.