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Welcome to Northwest State Community College. We serve over 77,000 Northwest Ohio families with a high-quality education that our alumni use to create a better life for themselves and their families. NSCC serves Northwest Ohio with a full range of experiences including workforce training tailored to your company’s needs, industry-recognized certificates ranging from six weeks to one year for high-demand jobs, and two-year degrees leading to our four-year partners or local jobs. We work with industry, civic, educational and non-profit partners to provide educational programs that strengthen our families and our communities.

At NSCC, we believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of background or experience. As such, we are committed to supporting you in the classroom and in overcoming the many life barriers that you may face to complete a credential. To the 192,000 Northwest Ohio residents, we pledge that our educational experiences are affordable and relevant to family-sustaining local jobs.

To prospective students, our team is devoted to your success and completion. We are known in the region and the state for providing a high-quality education leading to great local jobs in manufacturing, health careers, industrial arts and business. Increasingly, our bachelor’s bound students are finding us the preferred option to start their four-year journey, with many starting during their high school years.

An example of our quality education is the 94% of our nursing students who pass their national exam on the first try, a rate that exceeds both the state and The Ohio State University averages. An example of state-recognized best practice includes our manufacturing students learning their craft at a local manufacturer with a full-time faculty on-site. An example of our innovative partnerships is our three plus one engineering degree where local residents receive a four-year engineering degree right at NSCC!       

We invite you to learn, explore and experience the many pathways that NSCC has to improve your quality of life. Thank you for visiting. For more information about NSCC or any of our career, certificate and transfer programs, please contact us at 419.267.5511.


President Michael Thomson, Ph.D.