NSCC Proud: Taylor Brown

After graduating from NSCC and The Ohio State University, Taylor Brown decided to take her education even further. She’s now studying in the natural resources program at Cornell University Graduate School.

Taylor shared with us how Northwest State provided a foundation for her educational success.

“I began my studies at NSCC through the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program while I was a sophomore at Napoleon High School. Attending NSCC provided the opportunity to earn college credit, prepare for transfer to a four-year university, and even obtain an associate degree, all while I was still a high school student. On top of the academic benefits, the PSEO program supplied tuition and textbooks, which meant I could affordably pursue my higher education goals.

When I first started at NSCC, I was broadly interested in science and my plan was to obtain an Associate of Science with a social science focus, with the eventual goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in a related field.

During my junior and senior years of high school, I transitioned to full-time coursework at NSCC. I truly enjoyed the academic freedom to explore my own interests and take a variety of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The classes I took simultaneously challenged and inspired me, all the while confirming my goals to continue in higher education.

Both Lisa Aschemeier and Greg Tefft helped to solidify both my foundational understanding of and passion for biology and ecology. As a scientist, I spend much of my time writing and thinking critically about complex problems, and I can trace these skills back to my literature and humanities courses with Sherry Howard. If I had the chance, I would happily take another class with Sherry – she is an amazing instructor who constantly challenged us to improve intellectually while also cultivating an enjoyable classroom environment.

NSCC was the springboard for my journey in higher education. As a first-generation college student from a working-class family, community college was my gateway into academia. Thanks to the foundational courses I took and the supportive academic environment, I was able to confidently transition to The Ohio State University after graduating with my A.S. in 2015.

Honestly, when I first started at NSCC at a mere 15 years old, I could never have imagined that I would be doing the work I am today. I graduated from OSU with my B.S. in evolution & ecology in 2018 and am currently a graduate student at Cornell University, working towards both my Master of Science and PhD in natural resources. My graduate research is focused on the ecology, early life-history, and management of two fish species native to the Great Lakes, cisco and lake whitefish. My career goals include conducting research as either a university professor or a federal fishery biologist.

I would recommend NSCC as an economical transfer option to a four-year university and as an opportunity to explore different fields of study before declaring a major. Thanks to the general education classes I took at NSCC, I was able to transfer over 70 credit hours and solely focus on my major classes at OSU.

Further, I was able to take various classes for my general education requirements at NSCC that introduced me to potential careers that I had not previously considered. Originally, I planned to pursue a career in sociology; however, I began taking courses in the natural sciences and realized that I was more interested in biology and ecology. I was able to change my coursework focus within the A.S. degree requirements towards the biological sciences, which I may not have had the flexibility to do if I had started directly as a sociology major at a four-year university.”