NSCC Proud: Raymond Payne

Raymond Payne took transfer courses at NSCC, completing his studies here in 2012 and later earning a master’s degree from BGSU. Check out the Q&A for more information about Raymond’s time at Northwest State.

Why did you choose NSCC originally to study? “I chose NSCC originally due to the affordability of the education and the easy to access location.”

What was the experience here like? “My experience with Northwest State Community College was very positive as there was tutoring available for math, English that I struggled with at first.”

When did you decide to continue your studies, and how was the transfer process for you? “I continued my studies at Bowling Green State University where I now carry a master’s degree in food and nutrition. The transfer process was easy as all my classes transferred from Northwest to BGSU seamlessly. I even went back to Northwest State Community College for a general education class (college algebra) while I attended full time at Bowling Green and had that class transferred in.”

How did NSCC help you prepare for your next steps? “NSCC helped me chose a career path and get my general education classes done with the location being close to home.”

What are you up to now? “I work as a registered dietitian nutritionist for a consultant company called NutraSourceRD I have been a dietitian for three years. This is my third job full-time job as a dietitian and I work in long-term care. I will be moving on to a hospital next month in a full-time job to expand my horizons.”