NSCC Proud: Jayashree Hiremath

Jayashree “Jai” Hiremath took the long road to success. Originally from India, Jai completed college coursework in her home country and became a medical billing executive. In India, education is very important. As a teacher’s daughter, Jai was always inspired by her parents to pursue higher education. After her marriage, she moved to the U.S. with her husband. He works in northwest Ohio as a full-time engineer. The couple resides in Bryan with their 8 year old son, Aaryan.

IMG_7326In 2012, Jai came to NSCC with numerous challenges ahead. She spoke three different languages; however, English was not her first language. Jai said, “I met a wonderful person Cheryl Geer (international student advisor), I was so scared to talk to her because I didn’t know whether she understand my language or questions. Also, it was the last day to take admission and make a way for my career. When I explained her about me, she immediately helped me make the right contacts.”

Lori Robison, dean of the Allied Health and Public Service Division, informed Jai about her options for allied health courses. Jai then took the ACCUPLACER Assessment, and her results revealed she was ready to enroll. With a husband working a full-time job and a son to raise, Jai had limited availability for classes, but a strong desire to achieve her goals. To accommodate her busy schedule, she took online and evening classes.

Jai credits Cheryl and Lori for helping her navigate the enrollment process so quickly. “It was like, I am in my home town and with my family. Lori Robison was walking with me everywhere to get an admission as soon as possible. I will never forget that day in my life. Within few hours I got everything and walked with NSCC student ID and tears in my eyes. I was so happy. Today my success credit goes to NSCC staff and teachers,” she said.

Jai’s instructors and advisors encouraged her and offered assistance where needed every step of the way, to help her earn a phlebotomy technician certificate in July 2013. After completing her certification, Jai achieved a major goal in gaining employment at an area ProMedica facility. Her ultimate goal is to become a physician, and her education and experiences at NSCC have given her the confidence to continue on that path.