NSCC Proud: Drew Kaufman

Drew Kaufman attended NSCC from 2015-2017. He shared with us why he chose Northwest State, what his experience was like as a student, and how easy it was to transfer his credits on to a four-year university.

“When I was in high school, I thought I would go to Ashland University to get my degree to be a social studies teacher, and then make my way back to Northwest Ohio to start my career. As I write this 2,000 miles away, I can’t help but smile at how much differently my life turned out.

Northwest State is an incredibly attractive choice, and reflecting upon my two years spent, I am beyond grateful for what it offered. A quick commute, small class sizes, and along with it being affordable made it such an easy decision. More importantly, it was the right decision. Northwest not only prepared me educationally to move on, it gave me time to figure out what I wanted from life and allowed me to weigh my options for my future.

My experience at Northwest was tremendous. The staff and faculty were professional and knowledgeable, giving me an education for a fraction of the price. Not only that, but they were also personable, taking the time to know the students on campus. All classes were manageable, and accommodations were available for those who needed just a bit extra. It was nice to go to a school for two years and feel like a part of the community, rather than another face.

The transfer process from Northwest was very easy and manageable. They took care of most of the work for me, even though I opted to go far away and out of state. I had around 50 credits when I transferred, and all but one of my classes was accepted, and it was solely because my current state’s teaching credentials are different. Other than that, all my core classes, as well as those directed toward my major, ALL transferred.

Knowing I wasn’t ready for a four-year institute, yet wanting to pursue a bachelor’s degree, the two years at NSCC prepared me for a traditional four-year academic experience. They offered a wide array of classes, exposing me to new ideas or concepts, allowing me to develop interest in a variety of subjects.

My life right now is a-typical for those who I attended Northwest with. Many of my friends stayed local, opting to go to Bowling Green, Toledo, or Ohio State. Not only are they thankful for their time at NSCC, they would agree that it was an important step for them.

As for me, I finished my two years and packed up to move out west to Washington. During my second year at Northwest I had a yearning to go and do something else. Nearly all my classes would transfer to whatever university I decided to attend, so why not do something crazy?

I had the opportunity, so I decided to take it. I packed up, and now live in Washington, and I will forever credit Northwest with helping me realize this. I graduate this year with a bachelor’s in history/social studies from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, and will pursue accreditation to become a secondary social studies teacher.

Yes, I do plan on staying out west because it’s simply incredible. I have learned that I LOVE to play the guitar, have made some of my best friends out here, and have done a better job of learning who I am. Reflecting on my time at NSCC makes me laugh, because who would have thought that this decision I made almost 5 years ago shaped me into the person I am today.

I will forever and always tell people that NSCC is a brilliant choice. I like to think I turned out great, and they will too! Northwest gave me great classes, great people (hey Sherry Howard!), and a great future.”