NSCC Honors its Own

Northwest State Community College honored its employee alumni at a lunchtime event on campus on February 25. The focus of the event was to offer heartfelt gratitude to the College’s employees who are also graduates of NSCC. In fact, over a third of the College’s total workforce (80 of 230 employees) are Northwest State alumni.

“I’ve seen firsthand how powerful a good education can be,” said Jim Bellamy, NSCC marketing lead and 1994 graduate. “I chose Northwest State in the ’90s to study, and I still choose Northwest State today as the ideal destination to discover, learn and grow.”

NSCC President Michael Thomson noted, “So many of our own alumni choose to work at NSCC. Who better to serve our students than those who have already taken the journey?” He continued, “With such a high percentage of alumni on our staff, it demonstrates that NSCC is, indeed, a special place.” 

NSCC Executive Director for Development & NSCC Foundation Robbin Wilcox echoed those sentiments: “The NSCC Alumni Association was excited to host an Alumni event on campus for all graduates who work for their alma mater. Today we celebrate the alumni  who come to work everyday knowing the value of what a NSCC education has done for them. They CHOOSE NSCC.”