Welcome from the Foundation Chair

As the Chair of the Northwest State Community College Foundation’s Board of Directors, I am proud of the Foundation’s strong support of its funding of student scholarships and equipments/program initiatives.

Our world is changing fast. Our city, our nation and our region are experiencing tremendous changes on all fronts. Rapidly-evolving technology is transforming the way we live, the way we learn and the way we work and even the way we communicate. Society has become a larger influence on our lives good or bad and we are affected day to day.

We understand that education is the key to the economic vitality of our region and pride ourselves on supporting the College’s mission, by serving the needs of our students and our communities.

Currently sixty-one percent of our degree seeking students receive some form of financial aid. Many are first generation college students with little financial support for their college expenses. I am proud of the Foundation and our attitude to embrace “Helping individuals more than others help us.”

A strong desire to make a difference breeds innovation and change. It does not take a few but a team to succeed and we are very blessed that so many from our region are supporting their communities that they live and work in.

This is what truly makes a difference in our communities.

Peter Beck
Chairman, Board of Directors