NSCC Experiences Continued Enrollment Growth

For the second straight semester, Northwest State Community College has experienced enrollment growth, both in terms of physical headcount on campus, as well as full-time equivalency (FTE). The head count increase is attributed in great part to a 19% increase in College Credit Plus students from spring 2019. The FTE is up a modest 0.44%, but repeated growth is noteworthy, which provides an opportunity to reflect and show appreciation.

“We are so grateful to the families in this area who continue to rely on us for both direct to job as well as transfer education,” said Dr. Michael Thomson, NSCC president. Northwest State proudly serves a six-county service area of Williams, Fulton, Defiance, Henry, Paulding and Van Wert Counties. The College also has a high-quality training facility in Toledo at the UT-Scott Park location.

Thomson remarked, “As we complete our 50th anniversary year and embark on a new strategic plan, we are singularly focused on meeting our community’s needs for high-quality, affordable education. It’s very rewarding when the community sees Northwest State as their primary educational partner.”

With the start of the 16-week spring semester, the College now also turns its attention to second eight-week courses, which will begin March 16. Eight-week courses are available across virtually all academic divisions as a way for students to catch up or stay ahead on their education pathway.

Thomson concluded, “In a country where someone’s economic fate seems more and more dictated by their birth zip code, it is imperative that Northwest State help local families attain their educational hopes and dreams. Our graduates become northwest Ohio future leaders, enjoying family sustaining wages and a high quality of life. This is the fundamental purpose of community colleges in the United States, and it makes us the envy of the world.”