What Is Lifelong Learning?

The Center for Lifelong Learning offers non-credit programming that is designed especially for those who are at least 50 years of age and/or retired. The center provides half-day, full-day and multiple-day programs and trips on a variety of topics and interests.
Each semester, the Center for Lifelong Learning plans two major activities: an all-day seminar on a current topic and a travel-study experience. The longer travel-study, which takes place during spring, has taken lifelong learners to most major cities east of the Mississippi. The fall over-nighter explores sites in Ohio, Indiana or Michigan.
Both are preceded by a campus class previewing the significance of the destination. The chartered motor coach becomes a traveling classroom.
All events are on a pay-as-you-participate basis. Lifelong learners have College library access and 350+ receive the CFLL newsletter.

The Center for Lifelong Learning (at Northwest State Community College) is looking to create a steering committee within its membership that would be willing to assist in the re-creation and re-vamping of the lifelong learning program post Covid-19.

This committee would consist of approximately ten (10) people who would be willing to assist in this endeavor and have easy access to e-mail.

If you would be interested in being part of our "New Horizons" in Lifelong Learning, please contact Debbie Wikstrom, Coordinator of Lifelong Learning at or at 419-944-6195.

Deb Wikstrom


The Center for Lifelong Learning plans two trips each year. The multi-day travel-study trip takes place in the spring and typically includes a major city east of the Mississippi. The fall overnight trip focuses on sites in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Upcoming Trips
To be determined once it’s safe to gather again. Please stay tuned for future updates.

One-Day Seminars

One-day seminars are held several times a year at Northwest State Community College. The events include keynote speakers, hands-on activities and time to interact with fellow lifelong learners.