Program Overview

The criminal justice-law enforcement academy option will lead to State of Ohio Certification as a Peace Officer.

  • The student must meet Academy qualifications to be accepted into the program
  • Students must be 21 years of age by Mar. 31 of the year they graduate the Academy and have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Students will be required to submit the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Student Enrollment Certification Record, a Statement of Understanding, physical form, training waiver and liability forms.
  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  • Background and criminal record checks will be completed and an interview is required. Students who have a state or federal weapons disqualifier, any felony conviction, currently registered as a sex offender, arson offender, convicted of a drug offense, theft or fraud, negligent assault, or convicted of a misdemeanor offense of violence or any related offenses as a result of domestic violence will not be eligible for admission.
  • To successfully complete the Academy, students must meet the attendance and physical conditioning requirements.

  • Upon successful completion, students will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree and will be eligible to take the state certification exam. Students completing this major must successfully complete the Academy.

    Policies regarding the Law Enforcement Academy are available in the Academy Student Handbook. All students entering the program must adhere to the regulations within the handbook as well as the division’s Substance Abuse Policy. Tattoos are not considered part of professional appearance and must be covered whenever you are in the practicum setting or professional role.


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