Innovate-a-Thon: Red Team

Oct. 14: Our team met to confirm communication methods with each other (phone numbers, email, etc.) and Red Team leader, Hunter Bour, created a Discord server to be shared with all members of Red Team to ensure information is available for all members. While the challenge prompt was broad, this did not discourage Red Team from immediately tackling possible topics. All seven members have decided to research different areas covered by Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, and a vote will be held tomorrow within Red Team to decide on a single problem to create a solution for. Red Team is excited and ready for the challenge!

Oct. 15: Our team brainstormed three potential ideas for the solution, one of which was dropped. We also contacted a mechanical engineer, who is related to one of our team members and has 25 years of field experience. Our team members communicated with one another on Discord regarding consensus on solution ideas. We documented ideas in the Discord server. We set up a meeting to continue communicating, continue to formulate the presentation, and contemplate the solution our team decides to present on Wednesday, October 16.

Oct. 16: Red Team narrowed their solutions from two to one. We met, conversed and narrowed the team down from 7 to 5 people. We continued to look at the fine details of the problem and potential solution. One of our team members will begin to work on a Google slideshow that will contain the main overview of our solution, as well as examples to lengthen our explanation.

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.