Innovate-a-Thon: Orange Team

Oct. 14: We enjoyed the first day of innovate-a-thon. We look to win with the slogan of “Keep it Simple Stupid!” (KISS). This will be fun! The endgame is on Thursday, October 17 in NSCC’s Atrium when we present our idea. Be there or be square!

Oct. 15: Today, the Orange Team is researching, interviewing, planning and of course, crafting presentation media. We think that our safety idea will make a clean sweep of the competition! Please join us Thursday, October 17 in NSCC’s Atrium, when we will floor the other teams.

Oct. 16: Today, the Orange Team spent most of the day on our outline and storyboard. Our safety idea, in case you haven’t guessed, relates workplace safety and extra effort to keeping the workplace clean. By evening, we were ready to polish up a few ideas and polish off a few snacks with our fellow students… hey, wait a minute! How did that other Team Leader get into our post? Oh, yeah, the camera has a selfie option. Well, we can be clever too, and remember that a new broom sweeps clean!

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.