Program Overview

This degree focuses on learning experiences that will prepare students with the technical skills needed to work within diverse technological fields in manufacturing and industrial environments. Students will be able to obtain a generalist degree, as well as have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as industrial electrical, machining/CNC programming, and maintenance/mechatronics.

The courses consist of theory and practical, hands-on applications, whereby students work collaboratively with each other and with the instructor to achieve competencies of each discipline, and at all times, observing and practicing safety. The technical classes will have 50 percent of the learning experiences in the classroom and 50 percent in the laboratory environment applying hands-on learning. The courses comprising the generalist and specialist degree areas incorporate fundamentals critical in allowing students to adapt to the continuous changes in technology.


Career Outlook

As manufacturers invest in new high-technological equipment, the demand for highly-skilled graduates in diverse technical areas will remain in high demand.


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Administrative Assistant

Kaleigh Nofziger