NSCC Facility Rental Guidelines

  1. A “non-profit” organization shall be defined as an organization which is registered under Section 501 C of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. A “state or local governmental agency” shall be defined as any political subdivision or agency of the state.
  3. A “profit” organization shall be defined as all other organizations not defined under items 1 or 2 herein above.
  4. Liability for loss or damage to college property shall remain with the renter.
  5. The organization shall be billed for all hours for which the facility is scheduled or actually used, whichever is more. If a facility is used for any part of an hour, it will be considered as having been used for the entire hour.
  6. In the event NSCC determines that the cleanup time of the facility is excessive due to the use of the facility by the organization, the organization shall be required to pay the additional custodial costs on a per hour basis.
  7. A fee will be charged for additional expenses incurred by the college for facility rental outside of the medium building hours.
  8. Audio Visual support equipment beyond room standard is $25.00 per day total.
    1. Sound system beyond one podium and microphone – Auditorium
    2. Ceiling mounted overhead projection
    3. Multimedia Usage
    4. All communication costs will be billed at college cost.
    5. All food service needs to be provided by NSCC Catering unless NSCC is unable to provide the service.
    6. If alcohol is being served at the event, the server must be “TIPS” certified, and the group must follow the policy approved by Northwest State.
      View Alcohol Policy.
    7. Smoking shall not be allowed in College buildings.