Program Overview

Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) is a comprehensive electrical technologies program that prepares graduates for employment as skilled technicians, or for pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology. The EET program provides a foundation of electrical and electronics theory and practice applicable to a variety of subject areas including, but not limited to, alternative energy systems, automation and control, and electric drive technology. A focus on laboratory experience gives students the technical hand skill and problem solving insight to employ solutions in the field. The curriculum includes algebra-based courses with emphasis on applied science and engineering. Students in the EET program have opportunity to participate in applied research and testing activities to supplement coursework.


Career Outlook

Demand is growing for technicians in the electrical-related fields in northwest Ohio and across the country who possess diverse technical skills and problem solving acumen. The career outlook for graduates of the EET program is promising, with special opportunities in Alternative Energy and Electric Vehicle manufacturing and product improvement.


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Administrative Assistant

Kaleigh Nofziger