Earn your Associate Degree

Are you a current or former learner at another college or university, who previously attended Northwest State, but left before earning a credential?

Are you interested in credentials from Northwest State using your credits from both institutions?

Benefits of Earning a Credential at NSCC
  • Obtain your certificate or associate degree. You’ve already earned it!
  • Qualify for a promotion
  • Possible career advancement
  • Set yourself a part in the job market with extra qualification

  • If so, you may want to consider completing your degree at NSCC. Learners can apply credits from their bachelor’s degree toward an NSCC credential. An academic advisor will evaluate your credits and if you satisfy the requirements, you can earn a certificate or an associate’s degree. It’s that easy!


    How To Get Started

    If you are interested in learning if you are eligible for degree completion, please complete our Degree Completion Request form. Within a few days, an academic advisor will contact you via email regarding your eligibility to earn a credential, how to submit your official documentation, and any additional steps you may need to complete. You will be evaluated for the credential requirements you are closest to.


    General Eligibility for Degree Completion

    Beyond the specific course and category requirements for the degree, learners must meet the following criteria to be evaluated for a credential:

  • Earned enough credits at NSCC. (30% of the total number of credits needed for the credential must be earned at NSCC)
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher earned at Northwest State Community College.

  • If you have any questions prior to completing the Degree Completion Request form, please email

    Degree Completion Interest Form

    Degree Completion is intended for learners who completed course work at Northwest State Community College but transferred to another institution before earning a credential. Allowing learners to apply credits from their 4year institution towards a certificate or degree at Northwest State. An academic advisor will evaluate your credits and if it's determined your course work can meet these remaining NSCC credential requirements, you can earn your certificate or degree.