Congressman Bob Latta Visits NSCC

Congressman Bob Latta recently visited Northwest State’s Archbold campus to learn more about the College’s cybersecurity programs. Congressman Latta serves on numerous committees and subcommittees focusing on areas such as energy, telecommunications and digital commerce, all of which depend on cybersecurity and are susceptible to breaches of security.

Congressman Bob Latta at NSCC

Pictured left to right: Congressman Latta; Jim Hoops, associate VP for strategic initiatives at NSCC; and Roger Spears, cybersecurity training coordinator at NSCC.

Roger Spears, NSCC cybersecurity training coordinator, and Tony Hills, NSCC IT/business faculty, discussed the new Cyber certificate program (starting in the fall 2017 semester) and the cyber associate degree program, which is set to debut in the spring 2018 semester. Spears and other Northwest State staff joined Latta in an informative conversation about the growing need and importance of cybersecurity and the impacts and challenges cyber breaches can create on local businesses and individuals.

“As Chairman of the Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee, I’ve been able to see the importance of cybersecurity in our manufacturing sector, and how critical it is that we deter bad actors from accessing sensitive information or sabotaging operations,” said Latta. “The cybersecurity programs at Northwest State will help Ohio businesses and individuals better prepare, plan, and execute security strategies that can protect them from attacks. I am grateful that I was able to see the work they are doing firsthand to prepare students to address this pressing issue.”

Find out more about cybersecurity programs online or contact the NSCC Admissions Office at 419.267.1320.