Program Overview

The Computer Science Engineering Technology program prepares graduates for the field of computer science with a comprehensive understanding of computer hardware and software at the machine and system level. The program combines curriculum in electronics and computer programming addressing both hardware and software aspects of computer design and applications. The design aspect places emphasis on computer structures, computer architectures, microcomputer systems, digital design, and computational applications. The applications part of the program includes a general knowledge of computer operating systems, utilization of software in engineering technologies, low- and high-level programming techniques, and the use of mathematical algorithms.


Career Outlook

With an increasing utilization of computer systems and programming, demand for technicians with a computer science background is ever increasing. Graduates of this program will have the foundational coursework leading into four-year computer science and electrical engineering programs at various universities, as well as being qualified for entry-level engineering technicians in product design, engineering support, and other technical support positions. Typical job titles with this degree would include Application Specialist, Computer Systems Specialist, Computer Maintenance Technician, Field Service Representative, Field Engineer, Installation Technician, and Systems Integrator.


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