Who can enroll in the College Credit Plus program at NSCC?

College Credit Plus is open to all 7-12 grade students who attend public, community, private and home schools. Participants must be Ohio residents and meet the prerequisite and co-requisite requirements for the courses they are interested in taking. Participants must have qualifying ACCUPLACER or ACT scores to be eligible for the program.

Are private school and homeschool students eligible for College Credit Plus

Yes. College Credit Plus is an opportunity available to all 7-12 grade students who are accepted into the program by a college or university within Ohio.  The program operates in much the same way regardless of what high school a student attends. However, students attending a private high school and homeschool students must apply to the department of education to receive funding to underwrite their costs. Please check ohiohighered.org/ccp for information, forms and updates.

What are the advantages of College Credit Plus?

There are many advantages to participating in College Credit Plus, but here is our top 5 list.

  1. Earn both high school and college credit at the same time.
  2. Save money! Not only are College Credit Plus classes free to the student, but credits that are earned may reduce the amount of time you spend in college after high school graduation.
  3. Credits are transferable. Interested in earning a bachelor’s degree from another college or university? No problem! Most credits can transfer to any state college in Ohio. (Many private colleges too!) Talk to your CCP advisor about how to make the most out of your time at NSCC.
  4. Take more diverse classes. Take an introduction to engineering class, test your accounting skills, or see if business management is in your career future. All courses offered at NSCC are a possibility for College Credit Plus students (certain restrictions may apply).
  5. Is your calendar too packed to fit in a trip to campus for class? College Credit Plus classes are offered in a variety of learning options including online, on campus, or even at the high school.

How much will College Credit Plus cost?

College Credit Plus courses will cost time, not money. Tuition, fees and books are all free to the student, but college classes are more rigorous than high school. Students should plan on spending three hours per week studying outside of the classroom for every hour they spend in a college class.

*Homeschool students are required to purchase their own textbooks.

How do I apply and register for College Credit Plus?

First, students should meet with their high school counselor to go over requirements, academic standards and eligibility. Check out the How to Get Started link for more information.

What is the ACCUPLACER Assessment?

The ACCUPLACER is a computerized placement test that covers basic skill areas in writing, reading and mathematics. Your scores will help to determine college readiness. Students who have completed the ACT may submit those scores in place of taking the ACCUPLACER Assessment.

I am taking a CCP class at my high school that is offered over the full academic year. Do I need to follow spring or fall semester deadlines for this class?

Since the class begins in the fall semester, you will need to follow the fall semester deadlines.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can take?

Yes. Under CCP, students are able to take a  combined maximum of 30 credit hours (high school and college) per year. The number of credit hours you take should be discussed with your high school counselor.

How long do I have to drop a CCP class?

CCP students can drop a class anytime between the first and fourteenth day of the semester without penalty. For example, if the semester begins August 19, the fourteenth day would be September 2nd. Weekends and holidays are included in this count.

See the academic calendar for the last day to withdraw with a W grade. Please note, withdrawing after the 14th day can affect high school graduation requirements. High schools also have the right to ask the student to pay for that college course and textbook regardless of completion.

Use the CCP Drop or Withdraw Form to drop or withdraw from your CCP class.

Can I add a class or change my schedule after classes begin?

After classes begin, students must get permission from the dean and instructor before they can add a face-to-face class to their schedule. Online classes can be added all the way through the second day of the semester.

*Many classes are full by the time the semester begins. All schedule changes are dependent on the availability of the course.

Do I pay for the textbooks?

Students attending public or nonpublic high schools are not responsible for purchasing textbooks for their College Credit Plus courses. Textbooks will be provided by the high school. Check with your school counselor to determine how your school handles this process.

Homeschool students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

Will I have access to NSCC student services (library, tutoring, advising, etc.)?

Yes. College Credit Plus students have access to the same support services that every other student on campus does. This includes free tutoring, library services, and if you need to give your brain a break, you can even get a workout in at the fitness center.

What is the OLR?

The OLR stands for Online Learning Readiness, and it is an assessment that is required of all students who intend to enroll in an online class. The OLR is meant to help students determine if they have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an online class.

Online classes require strong computer competency, self-motivation, time management and organizational skills. Students must successfully complete the OLR before they will be allowed to register for an online class.

What if I completed a CCP course at another college and now want to enroll in a CCP class at Northwest State?

If you took CCP classes at another college or university, you will need to show proof of completion to your CCP advisor prior to registering. This is important, as some of the classes you completed at the other college or university may be prerequisites for the class you want to take at NSCC.

Will credits I earn at NSCC transfer to another college?

Yes. NSCC is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation allows the College to offer courses that can transfer to other in-state and some private, colleges and universities. Many NSCC classes also carry Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) that guarantee the credits will transfer.

How do I request my official college transcript?

College transcripts are requested through the Registrar’s Office. Request your transcript.

Is College Credit Plus offered summer semester?

Yes, College Credit Plus will cover the cost of summer classes as long as you have not yet graduated from high school.