What Kind of Learner Are You?
NSCC offers several options in the College Credit Plus program, so students can take courses that best meet their learning style.

On Campus (Face-to-Face)
If you choose to take a class on NSCC’s main campus, you will find yourself in a traditional classroom similar to what you experience in your high school. Classes are offered at a set day and time, and an instructor will lead the class in lecture, group projects and other activities. Classroom sizes at NSCC average 18 students, which allows the instructor to really get to know the students and offer one-on-one assistance with coursework.

At the High School
Some high schools will offer college-level coursework in their building. These courses will be taught by a qualified college instructor (who may also teach in the high school). These courses are offered within the typical high school day, but contain college-level curriculum.

Hybrid Classes
These courses combine the best of online and face-to-face classes. Students and instructors will meet in the classroom for fewer hours, and more of the coursework and activities will be completed online. The online component gives students some freedom with when, where, and at what pace they complete the coursework. Hybrid classes offer the convenience of online learning combined with the value of personal interaction and the campus experience.

Online (web) classes have all content, assignments, projects, discussions and tests online. There are no scheduled class meeting times, so students can work on the coursework whenever their schedule permits. It is important to note that online classes still have due dates and deadlines students must meet in order to keep pace with the class.

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