Northwest State Community College must abide by the residency eligibility criteria established by the Ohio Revised Code 3333-31 and Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-10. Petitions requesting residency change are due by the first day of the semester. Retroactive residency determinations cannot be made for tuition surcharge purposes.

Students petitioning to change their residency status must do so by completing the application that applies to them:

Forever Buckeye

Ohio high school graduates who return to enroll in an Ohio public institution of higher education and who establish a primary residence in Ohio by the first day of classes of the requested term are eligible for the In-State Tuition rate.


Ohio G.I Promise

Upon moving to Ohio, veterans with one year of honorable service (and their dependents) are immediately considered in-state residents for the purposes of tuition, state educational subsidies and financial aid. Active duty, guard, reserve service members, and their families are also eligible for this educational benefit.


Residency Status Change

Students must petition for residency status change by submitting the In-State Residency Petition, along with required documentation that demonstrates they have established residency in Ohio. Residency is based on the rules as defined by the Ohio Revised Code 33331-31.


Reciprocity for Eligible Indiana Residents

Under the tuition reciprocity agreement with the Ohio Department of Higher Education and Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Northwest State Community College accepts at Ohio resident tuition rates any Indiana resident of Adams, Allen, Blackford, Clark, DeKalb, Dearborn, Decatur, Delaware, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Henry, Jay, Jefferson, Jennings, Noble, Ohio, Randolph, Ripley, Rush, Scott, Steuben, Switzerland, Union, Wayne, Washington and Wells Counties. Applicants must submit an application to receive resident tuition rates, enroll at Northwest State Community College and meet requirements for admissions. They must submit documentation to the NSCC Registrar’s Office. Forms submitted after the first date of the term will not be considered for that semester. Once enrolled, the student must maintain satisfactory academic performance. This agreement is in effect 2019-2021.