Student Town Hall Meeting: April 13, 2020

Hey, NSCC learners! You are invited to participate in our first-ever Student Town Hall Meeting on April 13 at 6:00 p.m. This video conference will be hosted by Northwest State Career and Activities Coordinator Mike Jacobs. During this event, you will have an opportunity to connect with other students, share your successes and struggles, and ask any questions pertaining to recent events.

Please check your NSCC email for the Zoom invitation. We look forward to connecting with you on Monday!

Updates on Incomplete & Withdrawal Options for Students

By now, you have been contacted by your instructors and we hope that you are well on your way to adjusting to remote learning and completing course requirements. Your instructors and all of us in NSCC Learner Services want you to succeed, and we want you to be kind to yourself in these unusual times. Our offices are operating remotely and ready to serve you. See our contact information.

If these unusual circumstances have caused you to fall behind, NSCC has options for you. Learner services staff members and your instructors are here to help you walk through these choices. Please contact your instructor or the NSCC Advising Center ( or 419.267.1390) to explore the options discussed below.

  • Incomplete Grade Option
    One alternative is an “incomplete grade.” This allows extended time to complete remaining requirements and earn a final grade in a course. Please contact your instructor to explore this option.
  • Withdrawal
    If the course work is overwhelming and you do not see yourself being able to complete missing assignments in the coming days and weeks, it may be beneficial to take advantage of late withdrawal. A “W” grade would not impact your GPA and may be the best academic decision that you can make for yourself at this time. The deadline to officially withdraw has been extended to April 10. To withdraw from a course follow these steps: log into your myNSCC -> Select Add/Drop course – > Select Term -> Select “Withdrawal-COVID-19” from the drop-down arrow for desired course -> Press Submit. NOTE: If you have multiple courses, any combination of the above may utilized. For example: if you have four courses, you may withdraw from one course and finish the other three for a final grade; or withdraw from two courses and finish one for a final grade and one as an incomplete grade.
  • College Credit Plus (CCP) Learners
    Please be mindful that the courses you are taking are also fulfilling high school credits and contribute toward your full-time enrollment status. If you feel you are in a position where you may need to withdraw from a course due to COVID-19, please reach out to your guidance counselor and CCP advisors. Together, they will be able to direct you on your options and help you make the choice that benefits you most.

Virtual Tutoring Services Available Beginning March 30

If you have used our walk-in tutoring labs in the past, you will be pleased to know that these services are now going virtual and our faculty tutors are prepared and looking forward to serving you in the upcoming days.Transitioning from face-to-face classes to online, remote classes can be challenging, so we would like to encourage you to tap into these services so we can provide you with the added support you may need to help get you to the spring semester finish line successfully. 

Virtual tutoring services will begin Monday, March 30. Hours will be 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday. If you are not available to meet with a tutor during those hours, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Services will cover:

  • Accounting/business
  • Computer and technology
  • Life sciences
  • Match
  • Writing

 If you need help in other subject areas, please let us know.  

Here is how virtual tutoring services will work:

  • Email and let us know the subject area you need assistance with. Your email will then be directed to a tutor who can assist you.
  • The tutor will contact you by email to see when you are available and will then send you an invitation to join them for a virtual tutoring session. Please keep a close eye on your emails while you are awaiting your tutor’s response.
  • If you are in need of writing assistance, we ask that you attach the paper that you would like the tutor to review with your initial email so we can forward it to the tutor right away. If you would like to meet with the writing tutor,  please let us know that, otherwise, the tutor will review your paper and return it to you with their embedded comments and feedback. 

eTutoring Also Available

This online  offers tutoring assistance in several different subject areas including: 

  • Writing
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & physiology,
  • Computer sciences

Login to etutoring here.

Contact Cherie Rix, success center coordinator, at

We hope you find these resources helpful! As always, we are pleased to serve you and wish you much success as you continue your journey with us here at NSCC. Our goal is your success!