Innovate-a-Thon: Green Team

Oct. 14: evMotorsports is at the starting line! We are racing against time, and several other teams, to present the best implementable safety idea on Thursday, October 17. The final lap of the competition, the presentations, will start at 11:30 a.m. in NSCC’s Atrium. Stop by and cheer on your favorite team!

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.

Innovate-a-Thon: Orange Team

Oct. 14: We enjoyed the first day of innovate-a-thon. We look to win with the slogan of “Keep it Simple Stupid!” (KISS). This will be fun! The endgame is on Thursday, October 17 in NSCC’s Atrium when we present our idea. Be there or be square!

Oct. 15: Today, the Orange Team is researching, interviewing, planning and of course, crafting presentation media. We think that our safety idea will make a clean sweep of the competition! Please join us Thursday, October 17 in NSCC’s Atrium, when we will floor the other teams.

Oct. 16: Today, the Orange Team spent most of the day on our outline and storyboard. Our safety idea, in case you haven’t guessed, relates workplace safety and extra effort to keeping the workplace clean. By evening, we were ready to polish up a few ideas and polish off a few snacks with our fellow students… hey, wait a minute! How did that other Team Leader get into our post? Oh, yeah, the camera has a selfie option. Well, we can be clever too, and remember that a new broom sweeps clean!

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.

Innovate-a-Thon: Blue Team

Oct. 14: Today we were presented with our problem for innovate-a-thon: figuring out how to solve workplace accidents. A brainstorming session followed, and we decided to focus on forklift safety. We surveyed some local employers, Black Swamp Safety Council members, and the Custom Training Solutions team for info and solutions.

Oct. 15: Today our team met early in the morning for another brainstorming session. After comparing research notes from the previous night, we quickly realized that our ideas from the previous day weren’t going to be easily implemented into modern industry. We began to look for new options, eventually deciding as a team to pursue a new idea. The concept of a safety vest with a built-in lift belt was born. After extensive research, this was decided to be the best option because there is nothing like it in the industry, and it would lead toward lowering back injuries in the workplace by improving ergonomics. Our team met with different businesses and asked questions relating to our solution. We discovered only one in five implemented safety training on lifting, with the other four having no desire to learn it. It was also discovered that nearly all the facilities didn’t use back lift belts. As we finished our trip, we bought a back lift belt for working prototypes. Back at the College, we met again and tested the lift belt to see why it wasn’t used much. The problem was obviously the discomfort in wearing it for longer than ten minutes. After that, we talked to CTS faculty to learn more about the current OSHA requirements for lifting, giving lift training to employees, and the use of back lift belts in the workplace. Finally, our group had passing students test the lift belt to get their opinion on its comfort level, which turned out to be negative if worn for extended periods. The group then decided on a final prototype design and what other facilities we needed to contact for information to aid in preparing the final presentation tomorrow.

Oct. 16: We began the day by gathering and compiling our information that we collected over the previous two days. We finished making phone calls to various corporations and began to sort through our data to determine what would be the essentials to include in the presentation. We then examined our completed prototype and tested out its fit and function on a few students. It worked very well, and we were pleased with how it turned out. The group then held a final brainstorming session to name our product. After much deliberation, the project was dubbed Project Vitae, and the product named the Vitae Vest. Vitae is Latin for “lift.” We wrapped up our day completing our presentation and doing several trial runs.

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.

Innovate-a-Thon: Red Team

Oct. 14: Our team met to confirm communication methods with each other (phone numbers, email, etc.) and Red Team leader, Hunter Bour, created a Discord server to be shared with all members of Red Team to ensure information is available for all members. While the challenge prompt was broad, this did not discourage Red Team from immediately tackling possible topics. All seven members have decided to research different areas covered by Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, and a vote will be held tomorrow within Red Team to decide on a single problem to create a solution for. Red Team is excited and ready for the challenge!

Oct. 15: Our team brainstormed three potential ideas for the solution, one of which was dropped. We also contacted a mechanical engineer, who is related to one of our team members and has 25 years of field experience. Our team members communicated with one another on Discord regarding consensus on solution ideas. We documented ideas in the Discord server. We set up a meeting to continue communicating, continue to formulate the presentation, and contemplate the solution our team decides to present on Wednesday, October 16.

Oct. 16: Red Team narrowed their solutions from two to one. We met, conversed and narrowed the team down from 7 to 5 people. We continued to look at the fine details of the problem and potential solution. One of our team members will begin to work on a Google slideshow that will contain the main overview of our solution, as well as examples to lengthen our explanation.

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.

Innovate-a-Thon at NSCC

Students are participating in a week-long innovate-a-thon at NSCC. The event includes four teams: red, blue, green and orange. Teams are given a workplace-related task, which they research and brainstorm possible solutions for. Each group then provides a daily update on what they learned.

The Problem: How can companies reduce workplace accidents?

Follow our progress and check out reports from the various teams. Items will be updated throughout the week.