NSCC Proud: Dan Gariepy

Dan Gariepy has taken the education he received at NSCC around the world – literally. Through an amazing “semester at sea” learning opportunity after NSCC, Dan developed a strong global perspective that still guides him today. His mission work and his music both reflect the foundational education received at Northwest State and his studies at other institutions.

Our interview with Dan includes a live performance of his original composition “Imaginations.” Information on Dan’s mission work, music and more can be found at DanGariepy.com. 

NSCC Proud: Matthew McKown

As a student at Northwest State, Matthew McKown enjoyed the encouragement and support of faculty and staff. As a graduate of Northwest State, Matthew recognizes the wide-reaching impact the College has, noting that it feels like a big family.

In his career as business manager of a Toledo-area art gallery, Matthew routinely uses his business management education to help the gallery flourish. He is also finding his calling in the non-profit sector, heading up a local charity focusing on amputees, a subject Matthew is intimately familiar with. Thank you for your inspiring words, Matthew, and for your good work in the community! 

NSCC Proud: Ashley Schackow DeLuca

Ashley Schackow DeLuca attended Northwest State in the business administration program. She shared her #NSCCProud story with us:

“Attending NSCC set up the foundation for my success. The business plan I submitted before the panel that Lisa B. brought in gave me the confidence to open that business two years later. Through my education at NSCC and the opportunities & skills provided to me as a student worker under Robbin Wilcox, I’m able to confidently run my consulting business and speak to others about doing the same. This photo is the first professional speech I did with the help of Robbin. Thank you, NSCC!”

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NSCC Proud: Tim Kline

Like many students, Tim Kline was concerned about the cost of a four-year education and knew he needed to work while attending school. Tim’s mother and sister both graduated from NSCC in the school’s very first LPN class. He decided a local school would be a better fit than leaving home for college, so he started as an early admit student while still in high school.

While at Northwest State, Tim appreciated that many instructors brought real life experience to the classroom with practical insights you just can’t find in a textbook. As Tim put it, “Education you could actually use!”

He found many opportunities to network with industry experts and fellow students who were also out in the workforce. In fact it was a classmate, Gene Schubert, who helped Tim land a job that offered tuition reimbursement.

Larry McDougle, former Northwest State president, and Dwayne Orweiler, former NSCC instructor, were very influential in Tim’s life and career as well. He even joined Dr. McDougle on a trip to meet with state legislators in support of manufacturing education.

Tim graduated from Northwest State in 1977 with a degree in business administration, but his connection to the College has continued. He served as the commencement speaker in 1998 and continues to support the NSCC Foundation.

Today, he still recommends Northwest State Community College as smart financial decision. Affordable tuition, combined with great scholarship opportunities, make NSCC a great choice in Tim’s eyes.

NSCC Proud: MatthewMcKown

Matthew McKown shared why he is NSCC Proud.

“Northwest State has taken me to places I never would have dreamed! This photo is me at the Toledo Museum of Art, researching a masterpiece for a class at NSCC. Being an amputee and non-traditional student, getting out to learn and experience new things has often proven to be an almost Herculean effort, but being a student at NSCC has given me confidence to pursue the best in life! The faculty and staff at the College are truly hands-on and passionate about the students’ achieving the highest level of success in class as well as in life. Northwest State has inspired me to be a lifelong learner and a better human being. Thank you to everyone at NSCC who has made the magic of learning their selfless mission. “

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NSCC Proud: Erin Ford & Paige Grosjean

Erin Ford majored in paraprofessional and Paige Grosjean majored in pre-kindergarten at NSCC. They graduated together in spring 2019 and now share the same classroom in Fayette, Ohio. Both graduates shared their stories of success, including how their NSCC experience and education helped prepare them for a fulfilling career in the fields they studied.

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NSCC Proud: Jared Sanchez & Grant Schaffner

Jared Sanchez (’18) and Grant Schaffner (’19) graduated from the NSCC Law Enforcement Academy one year apart, but they were hired by the Archbold Police Department together. Both Jared and Grant shared their appreciation for the high-quality education and training they received from their instructors and noted how proud they are to serve the village of Archbold.

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