NSCC Proud: Jared Sanchez & Grant Schaffner

Jared Sanchez (’18) and Grant Schaffner (’19) graduated from the NSCC Law Enforcement Academy one year apart, but they were hired by the Archbold Police Department together. Both Jared and Grant shared their appreciation for the high-quality education and training they received from their instructors and noted how proud they are to serve the village of Archbold.

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NSCC Proud: Tammy Cook

Tammy Cook dropped out of high school to start raising a family, but she had a goal to return to school to improve her situation. She eventually earned her GED with her step-daughter, fulfilling a promise they made to each other. Thanks to her education and training from NSCC, Tammy regained her confidence and completed her associate degree in office management.


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NSCC Proud: Heather Galbraith

Heather Galbraith knew from an early age she wanted to help people, it just took the encouragement of friends, family and NSCC instructors to guide her along her path. Heather graduated from NSCC in 2009 with a human services degree and now returns to the College to teach some of the very classes she once attended as a student.

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NSCC Proud: Kristen Runyon

Kristen Runyon is the epitome of perseverance. Starting in 2011, Kristen often took only one class per semester until she ultimately completed her associate degree in human services in 2019. Kristen aims to work with orphaned children in third-world countries and is proud to use her education from NSCC to make a difference in the world.

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NSCC Proud: Jim Bellamy

Like many students, Jim Bellamy’s career path had twists, turns and lessons along the way. After returning to college, he graduated from NSCC with a degree in business management, which sparked a passion for advertising and promotions. Now, he works in the marketing department at Northwest State.

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