NSCC Proud: Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown is a two-time NSCC graduate, having completed both criminal justice program and the law enforcement academy. Adrian, currently an officer with the Pioneer Police Department, credits a female sergeant at the Montpelier Police Department for inspiring her to go into the academy and continue her career in law enforcement. Way to go, Adrian!

NSCC Proud: Makayla Knapp

Makayla Knapp did everything backwards—career offer, college graduation, then high school graduation—and yet it worked out perfectly. She began taking College Credit Plus classes her sophomore year of high school, working toward and associate degree from Northwest State.

With her passion for Minecraft and other programming platforms as her inspiration, Makayla focused on earning a degree in computer programming. While earning her degree, she was offered a full-time position at Spangler Candy Company in Bryan, where she started after graduating from NSCC in the spring of 2018. Just a short time later, she graduated from high school. Way to go, Makayla!

NSCC Proud: Sue Kohl

Sue Kohl attended NSCC after graduating from high school, then returned years later, changed majors and graduated from the associate degree nursing program in 1992. During her time as a student, she appreciated the wonderful faculty who went the extra mile to help her. Now a nursing instructor herself, Sue is able to provide that experience for today’s students.

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NSCC Proud: Jim Drewes

When Jim Drewes graduated from NSCC with two technical degrees in engineering, he never pictured himself coming back to work for the College. After working in sales and earning a business degree from Defiance College, he came back to Northwest State where he’s now the director of workforce development. Jim sees community college as a great asset, especially for students who are undecided and want to explore their career options.

NSCC Proud: Jim Bellamy

Like many students, Jim Bellamy’s career path had twists, turns and lessons along the way. After returning to college, he graduated from NSCC with a degree in business management, which sparked a passion for advertising and promotions. Now, he works in the marketing department at Northwest State.

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