As you prepare for the upcoming semester, it may be necessary to make arrangements to meet your financial obligations with the College.

Tuition & Fee Installment Plan*
The Tuition & Fee Installment Plan is an alternative to the single payment of fees due at the beginning of each semester. For a $20 non-refundable service fee, participants pay their fees in two installments for summer semester and three installments for fall and spring semesters.

The student initiates the plan IN PERSON in the business office (C130) during the dates scheduled for the first payment.
* This plan is available through the first week of the semester.

Company Sponsored Deferment Plan
The company sponsored deferment plan is available to students whose company will reimburse them based on a specific grade at the completion of the semester. In order to participate in this program, students must complete a Deferment Plan Form which requires a signature from the company in order to be eligible. This form is available in the business office in C130.

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For more information, please contact the NSCC Business Office 419.267.1311. The office fax number is 419.267.5692