Alumni Spotlight

From the rural cornfields of northwest Ohio, to the soaring cathedrals and stone buildings of Florence, Italy, Nicole Baden has earned an education that has had the power to define her life as well as her career.

From the moment she walked across the commencement stage at Archbold High School, Nicole knew that she wanted become an architect. She also knew that she was choosing a challenging career that was dominated by men. “At times it felt like such a long, tough road,” said Nicole. “Things didn’t always go as I thought they should, but I truly believe all things happen for a reason.  I had many obstacles and things didn’t always go my way or as I had planned, but they always worked out.

It was because of this dedication and passion that Nicole was named a 2012 Distinguished Alumni at Northwest State Community College. A 1999 graduate, Nicole came to NSCC to earn her associate of science degree before transferring to Kent State University to earn her degree in architecture. “I decided to go to NSCC immediately after high school for two reasons,” said Nicole. “I could work full-time and save money for when I transferred, and I could get my general class out of the way, allowing me to focus on my major core classes once I started at Kent State.”

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