Dear NSCC Alumni,

You are personally invited to become an active member and proud supporter of one of Northwest State’s most esteemed organizations, the NSCC Alumni Association.
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As one of more than 7,000 alumni, you have earned your college degree and know first-hand the significance in that accomplishment. You now have the opportunity to play an important role in the future of Northwest State through involvement in association events and activities. And, all monies received through our annual membership drive will be used to fund the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, a scholarship providing opportunities for future Northwest State students.

As a Northwest State graduate, you are in unparalleled company. Our graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves in business, engineering, nursing, science, and a wide variety of other industries. An astonishing 88% of our graduates continue to live and work in the northwest Ohio five-county area, giving back to their communities.

We are looking forward to assisting future students on their path to becoming NSCC alumni. By becoming a member/contributor your name will be listed in the Honor Roll of Donors and you will be recognized in our NSCC Annual Report.

It only takes a minute to complete the enclosed membership form. All graduates of Northwest State Community College or Northwest Technical College are eligible. Choose the Individual or Business Membership Level that best fits your current financial ability.

Please give serious consideration to joining the NSCC Alumni Association. This is your chance to get engaged, become involved, give back, and keep the pride alive for NSCC. If you are already a member, please network among your friends and colleagues to encourage membership. On behalf of Northwest State Community College, we thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact us via email at for more information on how your enthusiasm and energy can benefit your alma mater.

Ron Coles
President, NSCC Alumni Association

Robbin Wilcox
NSCC, Director of Development