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Alumni Association Board
Ron Coles, President

Alumni Pledge
I am a graduate of
Northwest State Community College.
I have achieved my goal of graduation through hard work and dedication, and with the support of my family, friends and faculty. As a graduate, I am now an alumni of the Northwest State Community College. In this capacity, I have earned the privilege of a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with the College and its community.

Today, I move forward to embrace new opportunities and to meet the challenges that lie ahead. But as I do, I also recognize that my NSCC experience will remain forever an important part of my life. The opportunity a Northwest State Community College education confers upon me is the responsibility to help ensure the continued strength of this great institution.

I pledge to support Northwest State Community College in its commitment to excellence in education and to use my time and talents to help those who strive to obtain an education at NSCC. I promise to support and engage in projects and activities of the alumni association and uphold the vision and mission of my alma mater.