For more information on STNA courses, please call Cindy Kinkaid at 419.267.2286.

How long does the course take to complete? This course is governed by the Ohio Department of Health. It is required to be at least 75 hours long. That is 59 hours of classroom time and 16 hours of clinical time.

What does the class teach you? This is a foundational course in healthcare. Please take this class very seriously. The curriculum has three components. The lecture component teaches the student basic knowledge in such areas as infection control, safety, communication, disease process, mental health and personal care. After the baseline knowledge has been achieved, psychomotor skills are taught in the lab setting to gain knowledge and confidence. The final component is clinical. Clinical allows the student the opportunity to have hands-on experience while caring for real people. The student will demonstrate a basic mastery of basic nursing care including bathing, feeding and dressing.

What supplies and requirements do I need for the class? Books and supplies are given to students on the first day of class. The only additional purchases are one complete scrub set and closed-toe, non-skid shoes. Your scrub is a top and bottom of any modest color choice with closed-toe, non-skid shoes. (If you are taking this course in preparation for the nursing program at NSCC, you should purchase completely white shoes, which is what is required for clinicals.) A current TB test and flu vaccine are requirements before the first clinical day. You cannot participate without having a complete and current TB test and flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is only required for clinical during the months of September-March (subject to program coordinator’s discretion). A criminal background check is also required. This can be completed at your local police department, county sheriff’s office or at Northwest State Community College. There is a charge for this background check payable to the agency where you have the check done.

Where will I be doing my clinical? Clinical site selection will be discussed on the first week of class. We will use local nursing homes.

What am I considered when I am done with this course? A student is considered a “test-ready nursing assistant” when they have completed all components of the course successfully. This means you are a “nursing assistant” but not an STNA until you pass the state test.

Why do I need to take the state test? What does it involve? The state test is contracted through D&S Diversified Technologies. They are a testing company out of Findlay, Ohio. The purpose of testing is to prove your competency in both knowledge and psychomotor skills in relation to the care of people. This is accomplished through a written and psychomotor skills competency test. You must pass both portions in order to be an STNA. You must be an STNA to enter the nursing program at NSCC. The information for the state test is given, provided and presented to you in class. You must study and understand the content in order to pass the state test.

What does the state test cost? The testing fee is approximately $104. This is payable to D&S Diversified Technologies in the form of credit card payment or bank check. No personal checks will be accepted. Testing procedures will be discussed at the end of class.

When would be a good time to take the STNA class? Students should think carefully about scheduling the class. This class should be taken 6 months to 1 year in advance to entering the nursing clinical classes. There may be a month before you are able to test, so plan accordingly. Upon successful completion of the class, your certificate is valid for 24 months from the date of issue. In order to remain certified, you must work one, 8-hour shift in a nursing home for pay, every two years. If you are not planning on working in a nursing home and your certification is close to expiring, you will need to take appropriate steps to keep the certificate current. Remember, you must be an STNA to enter the nursing program at NSCC. Please plan accordingly!

Why is this class a requirement for clinical? The nursing curriculum was reformatted in fall 2007. This means some skills are no longer being taught at the college level. Those skills are now taught at the STNA level. You are still responsible for these skills and knowledge at the college level. The skills you learn in the STNA program are only a foundation to what you will continue to learn at the college level. A weak educational foundation leads to a weak professional and a weak career. Take this class seriously and plan the appropriate amount of study time for this class.

Do I have to take the class at Northwest State Community College? No. The STNA program is a universal program in the State of Ohio. You may take the program through the NSCC for college credit, receive a letter grade and use financial aid. Or, you may take the program through Four County Career Center, other STNA programs or a nursing home. The course content will be the same.

How do I register for the class?
Registering for classes at the college is the same process as any other class. Speak to your advisor and register for NRS100.

If you choose to take the course through Four County (not as an NSCC student), you must first complete Work Keys testing. Call 1.800.589.3334, ext. 2703. You will first be required to register to take the Career Readiness Credential (Work Keys) test. This test costs $75. After students have met the benchmarks, they will be allowed to register for a seat in a class, along with a $25 deposit. The deposit is applied to the course fee. The remaining balance is due the first day of class. If you have any questions about Work Keys testing, please call 1.800.589.3334, ext. 2703 and speak to a secretary.

What about school delays and closures? In the event of a possible school delay or closure at Four County Career Center, listen to 98.1 WDFM Defiance. If Four County Career Center closes, we are closed. Fog delays will mean that the 8 a.m. class will start at 9 a.m.