Earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

In partnership with Defiance College, Northwest Community College offers a 1+2+1 program for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The student is admitted to the Defiance College and the first year of this program is taken at Defiance College where students will complete a pre-nursing program of study. In the second and third years, students will transfer to Northwest State and complete the AAS/RN program. In the fourth year, students will return to Defiance College and complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

To be admitted into the BSN completion program upon their return to Defiance College, students must successfully complete the NCLEX-RN Exam during the summer of their third year and be in good academic standing.

Admission into the NSCC nursing program is a competitive process and requires an individual to successfully complete the following:

  • The standard college application process at both Defiance College and Northwest State Community College
  • Admission into the 1+2+1 nursing program by Defiance College
  • First year coursework in pre-nursing at Defiance College, including general education requirements and nurse aid certification
  • The applicant review process which includes a nursing program application form, personal interview and evaluation of overall academic performance

Students will be notified by April 30 of their tentative acceptance into the nursing program at NSCC, based on completing the above process and contingent upon first-year success at Defiance College. Students will be notified by June 1 of their final acceptance into the nursing program at NSCC. Admission to Defiance College and meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee a student entrance into the NSCC nursing program.

For more information on the 1+2+1 BSN program with Defiance College, please contact:

Cheryl Hinojosa, director of nursing at Defiance College

Kathy Keister, dean of the Nursing Division at NSCC